Will New Alliance Sway The Tide Of War?



Devu City, Devu II (FNS) –

Surprise ruled Devu City this morning, when at a news conference Governor Lazarus Cane was joined by the Klingon Chancellor Kahltar in announcing an alliance between the DFA and the Klingon Empire. According to inside sources, talks had initiated some time ago until recently a representative of the Klingon Empire met personally with representatives of the DFA aboard the DFA Cromwell.

Though not a member of the DFA, the Klingons have gained the benefits of current member worlds, as trade agreements, economic arrangements and military guarantees have been agreed to.

At the news conference, Governor Cane shed light on what could possibly have been the final touch on sealing the accord.

"It is with great honor and pleasure, that we announce today and alliance between the DFA and the great Klingon Empire. Unfortunately this union already has a dark cloud above it; a meeting between our two factions was ambushed in an attempt to stop it. Cardassian forces attacked the DFA Cromwell and the IKS Khitomer which had encountered to further negotiations. Our ships were able to repel the attack, and our union only gained strength."

The alliance was not the only announcement of the afternoon, as Governor Cane made public the declaration of war against the Cardassian/Breen/Tellarite Alliance.

"In addition to this attack, investigations have proved that Cardassian and Tellarite forces are also responsible for the raids on DFA mining settlements that occurred the past week. After discussion, the DFA Council has decided that the Cardassian, Breen and Tellarite union have left our newly founded alliance no choice. So as of 1200 hours today, both the Klingon Empire and the Delta Freedom Alliance are officially at war with the Breen, Tellarite and Cardassians."

The Governor went on to explain that all ship development contracts with the Cardassian Union had been canceled, as well as other trade arrangements that were in place. Experts say these cancellations could prove to be a big blow to Cardassian forces in the Delta quadrant.

"Currently Cardassian forces in the quadrant are spread thin, with the greatest concentration being at the occupied Federation Starbase Phoenix (now being hailed as Talok Nor)" Analyst Fredur Laa explained, "Now, to maintain those forces you need a lot of resources – resources that are coming in in very limited supply from the Alpha Quadrant. If you now take away the few resources they received from trade with the DFA, along with the utter elimination of new ships in the quadrant that were being produced at Dakkus… Well you don't have to be Zefram Cochrane to see that their strength in the Delta Quadrant is going downhill."

The manpower and resources that were being used to produce Cardassian vessels are now being utilized to produce DFA warships, with wartime funding increasing the production rate a total of 120%. The DFA's growing fleet, along with the established Klingons could eventually turn the tide of this war, however the fight will not be an easy one, as the Cardassians are deeply entrenched in certain points of the sector, especially at Starbase Phoenix.

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