War With Cardassian Union Possible



Despite political changes within the Romulan Star Empire, the President announced today that he would continue to uphold the Treaty of Horizon.

Exhaustive negotiations with Romulan Proconsul Tichondrius tr’Vatal revealed the Proconsul’s intentions to continue to adhere to the stipulations set forth by the Treaty. Bound to defend mutual borders, the President also addressed concerns regarding Cardassian movement within Romulan territory.

Discussions between the President of the Federation and the Proconsul of the Romulan Star Empire have resulted in the transfer of ships to assist in defense of outlying Romulan, Federation and Neutral provinces as negotiations about further involvement continue.

War is on the minds of Federation citizens and it is unclear whether the Federation will strive for open communication or succumb to another intergalactic battle. To maintain peace with the Romulan Star Empire as well as upholding the Treaty of Horizon, it seems unlikely that anything but war is possible.

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