Vulcan History Since 2375

2382: The Romulan Underground Movement takes control of the Romulan Government, leading to the Romulan Peace Accord; signed by the Romulan, Federation and Klingon Governments. Shortly after the accord the new Romulan government reaches an agreement with Vulcan to initiate a Romulan/Vulcan exchange program, in which selected children from both worlds exchange places for a period of two years. It is believed this will lead to better mutual understanding, and perhaps eventual Reunification.

2383: The first Romulan/Vulcan exchange takes place. It is viewed as a moderate success. At about the same time, the Age of Change (c. 2383-2393) begins. Vulcan plays in a major role in the initialization of the policy "Old Customs, New Ideas" and welcomes the peace projected due to the Romulan Peace Accord as an opportunity to bring the United Federation of Planets ever closer together.

2384: The Renou III Incident leads to the termination of of the Romulan/Vulcan exchange program. The actions of the Romulans (especially the treatment of Vulcan exchange students immediately prior to expulsion from Romulus) serve to dramatically lower Vulcan opinion of Romulans and their culture. Vulcans who believe that the Romulan rejection of logic will forever have a negative impact on the species (Purists) begin to grow slightly in influence.

2385: The outbreak of the Second Romulan War impacts Vulcan much like it does the rest of the Federation. Some Vulcans reenlist or volunteer for Starfleet for the duration of the emergency. Many others contribute talent or resources to aid organizations in anticipation of the war.

2386: V'Ler becomes Head Minister of the Vulcan High Council.

2387: Faced with a projected catastrophic resource shortage in the midst of war, Starfleet steps up its scientific and exploration efforts, searching for new sources of material and energy. As Starfleet begins to be pushed back for the first time in the war Head Minister V'Ler gives a speech entitled "The Logic of Defense" to the entire Vulcan population. The speech defends the Federation's actions leading up to and during the war, and persuades many of the logic of supporting the war effort. Although Vulcans have not greatly increased their proportion of enlistments in Starfleet, they now volunteer their services in large numbers. Great numbers of Vulcans of all types begin shifting their scientific efforts towards a search for new energy sources and materials, while ships of exploration begin acquiring greater numbers of Vulcan crewmembers. The Vulcan High Command dispatches the vast majority of its science vessels to join the exploration of the Delta Quadrant.

2388-89: Vulcan Science vessels aid in the discovery and analysis of the Dyson's Sphere "Hope 1." Vulcan volunteer organizations assist in the massive building projects initiated there. Head Minister V'Ler walks a difficult line as she attempts to encourage support for the war against the Romulans while discouraging the ideas of the "Purists."

2389: Vulcan itself it harried by numerous Romulan raiding parties. For two months the system is subjected to a loose blockade of cloaked Romulan vessels, which ignore heavily armed vessels but zero in on the less well-defended. Starfleet mandates that all traffic to and from Vulcan must join escorted convoys. Security on the planet is stepped up as well after it is discovered that Romulan infiltrators have been landing on the planet in cloaked pods. Vulcan High Command believes with a high level confidence that the spies acquired no truly sensitive data.

2390: Vulcan civilian transport and shipping companies volunteer vessels to join "The Gravy Train" from the Alpha Quadrant to Hope 1, and Vulcan High Command dispatches the majority of its own transport vessels. A number of Vulcan ships are lost, and the names of the fallen are published throughout Vulcan. At the same time, many Vulcans join the newly formed Federation Liason service. Starfleet personnel are encouraged by this development, since the logical methods of the Vulcans help them remain impartial and trusted by both the officers and the rank and file.

2391: Lojkar becomes Head Minister of the Vulcan High Command.

2392: Vulcan scientists and engineers contribute greatly to the non-offensive systems of the Pegasus Class Heavy Cruiser. Vulcan ambassadors are present at the 2392 Romulan Peace Talks. Vulcan society's view of the import of the talks is divided when they fall through. Although some see this as more proof of Romulan illogic, others see hope for future peace. The "Purists" grow slightly in strength.

2394: Vulcan ambassadors are again present at the 2394 Romulan Peace Talks. Although willing to continue negotiating, they find the petty quabbling the talks involve to be distasteful. The "Purist" movement reaches the height of its influence.

2397: Vulcan ambassadors at the Romulan Peace Talks are encouraged by the limited joint operations negotiated against the Dominion. The "Purist" movement begins to decline as peace with the Romulans looks more feasible.

2398: Vulcan ambassadors at the Romulan Peace Talks help negotiate the 2398 Cease-Fire.

2399: Vulcan ambassadors help negotiate the Romulan Peace Treaty of 2399. The "Purist" movement is relegated to fringes of Vulcan politics.

2402: Vulcana Regar hosts the 47th Annual Federation Cultural Summit. Although Vulcan attitudes discourage some of the usual festive atmosphere, the impressive logistical support and the advanced facilities given to the Summit make it a success. The Vulcan contribution to the Summit is heralded as "impressive."

2403: Los becomes Head Minister of the Vulcan High Command.

2404: Seismic tremors beneath the Voroth Sea threaten to cause tidal waves capable to destroying much of Raal Province. The Vulcan High Command and Starfleet work together relieve the seismic pressure without damage the ecosystem or Vulcan property along the coast.

2405-06: The Romulan Civil War/Cardassian War breathes new life into the "Purist" movement, which begins to grow slightly.

2407: T'Poul becomes Head Minister of the Vulcan High Command.

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