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The USS HUNTER is an old Updated Nebula Class vessel, that has complete a comprehensive major Refit and Repair cycle. As a result it has been re-designated an Advanced Nebula Class vessel.

Type: Heavy Marine Assault Ship

Unit Run: NCC 60591 USS Farragut, NCC 60205 USS Honshu, NCC 61826 USS Monitor and NCC 72022 USS HUNTER Note: Starfleet Plans to convert sixteen more Standard and Updated Nebula class vessels to the Advanced Nebula class.

Commissioned: 2355 - present

Dimensions: Length : 472 m† Beam : 580 m† Height : 165 m

Decks : 52 (including the Tactical Pod)

Mass: 4,750,000 tons

Crew Complement: 354 Officers and Crew and 950 Mariners Note: There are no facilities for families

Two (2) Type II Isokentic Cannons, one firing forward, and one firing aft
Three (2) Type XII Phaser Arrays, two firing forward, and one firing aft
Two (2) Type II Pulse Phaser Cannons, two firing forward

Three (3) Type III Burst Fire Quantum Torpedo Launchers w/ Pulse Fire capabilities, two firing forward, one firing aft
Four (4) Type II Rapid Fire Quantum Torpedo Turrets, two firing to Port, and two firing to Starboard

Defense Systems:
Enhanced Primary High capacity shield system, total capacity 3,865,000 TeraJoules
Integrated Secondary Shield Generators
Advanced Duranium/Tritanium triple hull with Ablative Armor Outer-hull plating
Standard Ablative Armor Generators
Enhanced Structural Integrity Field Generators

Aerospace Systems
Eight (8) Shuttle bays capable of supporting various types of Shuttlecraft and Marine Armored Personnel Carriers (APC).

Power Systems:
Primary Power Plant: Mark 2 Quantum Slipstream Drive
Secondary Power Plant: Mark 7 Impulse Drive

Warp Speeds:
Normal Cruise: Warp Factor 9
Maximum Cruise: Warp Factor 9.99
Maximum Rated: Warp Factor 9.999 for twelve hours

Diplomatic Capability: Grade 7

Expected Hull Life: 100 years

Refit Cycle: Minor: 1 year† Standard : 5 years† Major : 20 years

General Notes:
The Advanced Nebula program is intended to provide new capabilities to Starfleet, and directly supporting Federation Marine Corps units deployed with Starfleet. The Advanced Nebula Class vessels are now designated as Marine Heavy Assault Ships.
Many of the existing Nebula's are being upgraded to the Advanced Class and new Nebula's are being built to the new specifications.

In its new role as a Marine Heavy Assault Ship, the Nebula Class has been stripped of most all of the amenities previously enjoyed on the Nebula and Galaxy Class production runs. The Advanced Nebulas are ships of war and combat. They are intended to support Marine Aerospace-ground operations.

Individual crew quarters are reserved only for the most senior Officers, and enlisted personnel. Junior Officers and all other enlisted personnel share quarters and common areas. This was done to allow for a more Marines, supplies and weaponry to be carried aboard the ship. It also allowed for the addition of shuttle bays to support Non-Transporter Insertions.

Weapons Notes:
The Advanced Nebula Class vessel fields a variety of weapons systems that provide a significant ship to ship, and ship to shore combat capability. The Energy Weapons deployed include the latest version of the newly developed Isokenetic Cannon, standard Type XII Phasers, and the Type II Pulse Phaser Cannons.

The Type II Isokenetic Cannon is weapon system that was first discovered by the crew of the USS Voyager. It was brought back to the R&D Labs at the Utopia Planetia Shipyards. After seven years of research the technical problems were overcome, and the Type I Isokenetic Cannon was developed and deployed on Sovereign Class vessels. The Isokenetic Cannon requires an enormous amount of power to charge, fire, and recharge. Until the creation of a functioning Quantum Slipstream Drive, only the huge Warp Engines of the Sovereign Class vessels could power the weapon for practical use. The Type II Cannon has been further modified with newly developed capacitance technology to be more energy efficient. This however increased the size of the overall weapons system. The Isokenetic Cannon delivers large single shot salvos of tremendous damage to ships, stations, or planetary bases. One of the Isokenetic Cannons is mounted on the ventral side of the Saucer Section along the center line. The second Isokenetic Cannon is mounted in the aft section of the Weapons Pod. Due to the limitations of the weapon, each of the Isokenetic Cannons has only a 10 degree firing arc.

The Advance Nebula Class also deploys three Type XII Phaser arrays. One is mounted on the dorsal side of the Saucer Section, one is mounted on the ventral side of the Saucer Section, and the third is mounted on the aft section of Engineering Section. The Phasers mounted on the Saucer Section have a 270 degree firing arc. The Aft mounted Phaser has a 180 degree firing arc.

The Advanced Nebula Class also has two Pulse Phaser Cannons. These are both mounted on the forward section of the Weapons Pod. Each of these Cannons has a 10 degree firing arc.

The Advanced Nebula Class carriers two types of Quantum Torpedo Launchers. It carries three Type III Burst Fire Quantum Torpedo Launchers. Two of these launchers are mounted on forward on the Engineering Section, and the other is mounted on the Aft section of the Engineering Section.

The Advanced Nebula Class vessel boasts four newly developed Type II Rapid Fire Quantum Torpedo Turrets. These turrets are mounted on the dorsal and ventral areas of the Port and Starboard sides of the Saucer Section. Each turret has a 270 degree horizontal firing arc, and 175 degree vertical firing arc, which provides a complete spherical field of fire for the USS HUNTER.

Propulsion Systems:
The USS HUNTER's main propulsion system is a new Mark II Quantum Slipstream Power System. As part of Starfleet's war effort many of its ships have been upgraded to increase their combat capabilities. The updated Nebula design has a maximum warp speed of Warp 9.9 and incorporates improvements to the weapons and targeting systems, a high level structural integrity field, and various other classified changes. All Nebulas now being produced are of the updated model, and all of these are launched with the enhanced weapons pod as standard.

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