USS Francis Drake

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As the other ship currently assigned to the Sphere (USS Hunter), The USS Francis Drake is a updated version of the old Intrepid Class. As with the Advanced Nebula Class, it has been renamed Advanced Intrepid Class.

Type: Multi purpose cruiser

Unit Run: NCC 75345 Francis Drake (Plans for updates of other Intrepid classes are under consideration by Starfleet Command)

Commissioned: 2397 - present

Dimensions: Length : 343 m 

Decks : 15

Mass: 850 000 metric tons

Crew Complement: 162 officers and crew (Some crew can be replaced with a contingent of marines)

8 Type XX phaser arrays
4 standard photon/quantum torpedo launchers (2 firing forward, 2 firing aft)
2 Mark 3 Rapid Fire Quantum Torpedo turrets placed on port and starboard sides capable of firing micro and frag torpedoes
Mark II Torpedo replacement replicator (Capable of making new torpedoes faster than the crew of the ship can, making it possible to regain some torpedoes in a long fight)
Stock: 250 torpedoes (50 Photon, 150 Quantum, 25 micro, 25 frag)

Defense Systems:
Enhanced Primary High capacity shield system, total capacity 4,865,000 TeraJoules
Integrated Secondary Shield Generators
Advanced Duranium/Tritanium triple hull with Ablative Armor Outer-hull plating
Standard Ablative Armor Generators
Enhanced Structural Integrity Field Generators

Aerospace Systems
One (1) Shuttle bay capable of supporting various types of Shuttlecraft and Banzai class figthers).

Power Systems:
Primary Power Plant: Mark 5 Quantum Slipstream power source (uses the power source, can't attain Quantum Slipstream speeds)
Secondary Power Plant: Mark 11 Warpcore/impulse drive (The Mark 11 is a improved warpcore used on smaller vessels like Defiant class on the Advanced intrepid Class it is placed vertically)

Warp Speeds:
Normal Cruise: Warp Factor 9.9
Maximum Cruise: Warp Factor 9.999
Maximum Rated: Warp Factor 9.99989 for twelve hours

Diplomatic Capability: Grade 3

Expected Hull Life: 130 years

Refit Cycle: Minor: 1 year  Standard : 5 years  Major : 15 years

General Notes:
The Advanced Intrepid class is intended to provide new capabilities to Starfleet, Updating the aging Intrepid class design so they can be used further as a multi purpose platform for Starfleet. Fitted with new highly advanced sensors and weapons the AIC is a capable ship in both combat and science. It have taken many of the same updates as from the Advanced Nebula Project

Weapons Notes:
The Advanced Intrepid Class vessel fields a variety of weapons systems that provide a significant ship to ship, and ship to planet combat capability.

The Advance Intrepid Class also deploys eight (8) Type XX Phaser arrays, mounted around the ship to provide a 360 degree firing arc. With the new slipstream power source it can fire multiple blasts from same array and multiple array at the same time

The Advanced Intrepid Class carriers two types of Photon/Quantum Torpedo Launchers. It carries four (4) Type VI Burst Fire Photon/Quantum Torpedo Launchers. Two of these launchers are mounted on forward on the Engineering Section, and the others is mounted on the Aft section of the Main Section.

The Advanced Intrepid Class vessel boasts two (2) Type III Rapid Fire Quantum Torpedo Turrets. These turrets are mounted on the Port and Starboard sides of the Saucer Section. Each turret has a 270 degree horizontal firing arc, and 175 degree vertical firing arc.

Propulsion Systems:
The Advanced Intrepid class main power system is a new Mark 5 Quantum Slipstream Power System which powers the Warp drive of the ship.. As part of Starfleet's war effort many of its ships have been upgraded to increase their combat capabilities. The updated Intrepid design has a normal cruise speed of Warp 9.9 and incorporates improvements to the weapons and targeting systems, a high level structural integrity field, Torpedo Replicator System, Ablative Armor Generators and Advanced Sensor and Communications systems.

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