Starfleet / Delta Freedom Alliance Duty Uniform


The Starfleet / DFA uniform consists primarily of a dark grey, very near black, as well as a colored collar, rings about the wrists, and a chest stripe to indicate department.

The uniform comes in four color variations: Red, teal, gold, and green.

Red indicates a Command, gold indicates Security, Ops, or Engineering, teal indicates Science or Medical, and green indicates a Fighter Pilot, and is sometimes used by Marines.


The Starfleet / DFA uniform is always accompanied by a communications badge, attached to the chest.

"Comm" badges consist of the traditional Star trek badge design over a golden triangle.


Romulan Duty Uniform


The Romulan duty uniform is not as easily definable as the Starfleet uniform. Romulan uniforms are not differentiated by color like Federation / RA uniforms, but with ornamentation and fabric. All styles of Romulan uniforms almost always include long top with a low reaching collar and large angular shoulder pads. Belts are also common, wrapping around the top so that several inches reach below the belt bottom.

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