Tony Dark Returns To Devu System, Won't Disrupt Goodwill Tour




Hero of the DFA, Tony Dark has returned to Devu and the Delta Freedom Alliance. He appeared outside Wind Ridge with Governor Bateman and in a flash of Nixonian charm, waved two peace signs toward the cameras.

The reasons behind Dark’s return to Devu is unknown, but political analysts believe it may have something to do with Governor Bateman’s desire to seek out new DFA members.

“It’s no secret that Governor Bateman and some of his staff are going on a goodwill tour,” senior analyst Keven Raghen explained. “The DFA is growing, not just in membership but also in popularity as well as prestige around the Delta Quadrant. For the Govenor of Devu II to have Tony Dark as a private guest proves not only how strong the Delta Freedom Alliance is, but also how influential Devu is as a founding member.”

Whether or not Tony Dark’s arrival is a political strategy to gain the Governor points in the Delta Quadrant, it is certainly working on Devu. Governor Bateman climbed two and a half points on his most recent popularity poll.

“Governor Bateman is one of the most loved governors in Devu history,” Keven Raghen told reporters, “with one of Devu and the DFA’s most adored living legends, he’s bound to gain some popularity.”

When questioned about the precipitous timing of Dark’s appearance, Governor Bateman had this response to critics, “Mr. Dark and I were colleagues on the original Starbase Horizon, and we've both contributed to the growth of the DFA. I don't care about polls or numbers—just good people.”

Although Governor Bateman’s motivations may be the subject of debate, Governor Bateman assured reporters that Tony Dark is not going to be taking a place amongst his political cabinet.

“Tony Dark is here as a personal friend, nothing more.”

Secretary of State, Samantha Montgomery-Bateman reiterated the Governor’s words. “Governor Bateman and Mr. Dark share a personal history that goes back much further than their desires to see to the continued strengthening of the DFA in this quadrant. While his timing may seem suspicious, I can assure everyone that his arrival is merely coincidence.”

Both Governor Bateman and Secretary Montgomery-Bateman iterated that Tony Dark would not be a member of the goodwill tour.

“We aren’t going to deny that Tony Dark is an integral member of the DFA. Without his pioneering efforts, the DFA might never have become what it is today. But the DFA is a great deal more than any one person. Governor Bateman is going on the goodwill tour to show the people of the Delta Quadrant
that there is another option, a better option.” Secretary Montgomery-Bateman told reporters.

Govenor Bateman will begin his goodwill tour in one week. He is scheduled to speak with the civilian population on Starbase Phoenix before continuing on. The tour is slated to last four weeks and will cover nearly a dozen planets and populations.

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