Tom Bateman

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Tom Bateman (b. 10 April, 2368) is the fourth (and sixth) Governor of Devu II. He is known for his environmental policies and multicultural thinking. He is also well known for his anti-Starfleet stance.

Early Life

Tom Bateman grew up on Earth, in Alaska. His father, Captain Morgan Bateman, was killed in action on the USS Chaffee. His mother, Auralea t’Ling’t, served as an investigator for the the Federation Temporal Activities Commission. His days were spent climbing mountains and fishing in Alaska's abundant streams.

Starfleet Career

Bateman enlisted at age 18, joining Starfleet's Security forces. He served on Mars Colony. After a six years, he entered the commissioning program at Starfleet Academy. He was on the rifle team all four years at the Academy, earning three championship titles. During his second year, he met future Starfleet Captain Marney Robinson, whom he still considers a close friend.

After graduation, Bateman was assigned to Starbase Horizon, deep in the Delta Quadrant. Originally assigned as a subordinate member of Horizon's Security Department, he became the Chief of Security on his arrival after the long journey from Earth. Serving under the legendary Tizar Gruber, Bateman quickly rose through the ranks until he Gruber demoted him in 2397. He met his partner, current Detective Chief Inspector of the Devu Mounted Police Michelle Crawford, while working as Chief Investigator on Horizon. During that time, Bateman and Crawford investigated the disappearance of Devu Governor Richard Getz. He also acquired his pet mastiff, Zeus.

In 2398, Bateman was recommissioned and transferred to Operations. "I made it my business to know everything," he said in his 2307 memoirs. While serving as Operations Officer, now Lt. Commander Bateman assumed command of Starbase Horizon, mounted a search effort, repelled an assault, and weathered a near mutiny by the medical officer. For his actions, he received a command certification and a commendation. While in Operations, he also met C.R. VanBuren, a notorious Delta Quadrant businessman.

Talisman Defense

In 2399, Bateman found himself assigned to Security again, this time under Captain Thomas "Mick" O'Rielly. His assignment: infiltrate the Deve Provisional Defense Force and investigate the inner workings of the Devuian military. Bateman famously punched his CO, earning a reputation as "a person not to be trusted by Starfleet." Within days, he was contacted by the PDF to bring his expertise to work for them. Holding the PDF rank of Major, Bateman gained the confidence of his troops, and learned that the PDF had been infiltrated by species 8472.

During the following 8472 attack, the USS Talisman, captained by Devan Gorvock, was disabled and crash-landed into a field near Devu City. Bateman's PDF unit responded, making it to the crash site just ahead of the 8472 horde. Packing the survivors on troop transports, the PDF troops headed for the nearest shelter they could find—the Mt. Devu Mine. They set up a shield generator at the door entrance and waited for rescue.

When the shields began to fail, the Talisman crew was evacuated through the mountains, while Major Bateman and a team of volunteers stayed behind to man the shield and a pulse cannon. When the shield failed, the group detonated explosives, sealing the mine shaft and their fate.

Bateman suffered 8472 hybridization, and spent two years wandering the Devu countryside. He was eventually taken in by a Trellian family. And made his way back to Starbase Horizon in 2401.

Camp Hunter

After an abortive investigation in to the destruction of the original Starbase Horizon, then LtCdr Bateman was assigned to command Camp Hunter on Devu II. In addition to settling the Ralon Tilver situation, Bateman was tasked with court-martialing his colleagues Marney Robinson and Cameron West. When he refused orders to find the men guilty, he was removed from command and forced into retirement.

Political Career

Already deeply imbedded in Devu civic affairs, Thomas Bateman officially entered public life in 2405 when he ran for Governor of Devu with the support of the People of the Federation. Bateman won and began his first term as Governor, with Elaine Getz serving as his Lieutenant Governor. Illness forced Governor Bateman to resign early in 2406.

Bateman returned stronger, and healthier, than ever and became the surprise winner of the 2407 gubernatorial elections. Entering his second term, Governor Bateman plans to continue to build on the success of his first term in office. His vision for Devu involves strengthening DFA ties in the sector, promoting sentient rights in the quadrant and encouraging environmental activism and conservation.

Business Success

While still in Starfleet, Bateman went into business with CR Van Buren, a successful shipping magnate. When Van Buren disappeared, Bateman continued to run the business, transforming it into the powerful Devu Lines. In addition to shipping, the Devu Lines built the luxury liner Spirit of Kelora to cash in on the lucrative tourism industry. In 2404, Bateman purchased controlling shares of Dakkus Shipbuilding Inc., operators of the Dakkus Shipyards. In 2408, Bateman sold his interests in the Devu Lines to Nadia Van Buren, daughter of CR Van Buren, and purchased the Omicron Shipyards at Starbase Phoenix.

Redemption is Just Over the Horizon

In 2405, Bateman published his memoirs, Redemption is Just Over the Horizon, chronicling his life and path to success in the Delta Quadrant. The book was an instant best-seller on Devu, and continues to sell strongly throughout the quadrant. While a commercial success, the book was criticized by senior Starfleet officials for disagreeing with their official assessment of the destruction of the original Starbase Horizon.

Profits from the book were donated to the Devu Relief Fund and the Devu Conservation Society, which led to the creation of the Thomas Bateman Bear Preserve.

Personal Life

Thomas Bateman is married to Samantha Montgomery and is a friend and mentor to Montgomery’s son, Edward.

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