Tilver Massacre of 2405

The Tilver Massacre of 2405 was the largest and most devestating man made tragedy to hit Devu II. Over 2,000 Devu City residents lost their lives during the tyrannical reign of Ralon Tilver.


Although the connections wouldn't be made until after Ralon Tilver's death, the foundations of the Tilver Massacre were laid early. Ralon Tilver (going by the terrorist name Lanor Terliv), orchestrated the bombing of several Devu City buildings including the Capital Building and an elementary school. The attempted assassination of Captain Marney Robinson, Commanding Officer of Camp Hunter, soon followed.

Three weeks after the assassination attempt, Tilver led a militia attack against Camp Hunter. Then Major Cameron West, Marine Commanding Officer of Camp Hunter, met the attack with his marines and managed to put down the attack, though Tilver went uncaptured. The final sequence in Tilver's plan came when he murdered Devu Governor Fujimora, using his militia and his mind controlling pathogen to hold power in Devu City.

Coming to Camp Hunter, Tilver infected Captain Marney Robinson, Major Cameron West, and Chief Medical Officer Dalamar Tigarak with his mind controlling pathogen. Under Tilver's influence, Robinson and West compromised the safety and security of Camp Hunter, giving Tilver classified intelligence on the base.

Major West soon defected from the Federation and began forming the Devu Planetary Guard. With Major West's knowledge of the tactical capabilities and troop compliments of Camp Hunter, Tilver planned a second, and more successful, campaign against the base.

During the planning sequences, West began to use extreme methods to bring soldiers to the Devu Planetary Guard. Coupled with Tilver's already inhuman treatment of the citizens of Devu City, this spawned the creation of the Devu City Resistance under the command of Sade Drake. Nearly three hundred strong, the Devu City Resistance led an underground campaign against Ralon Tilver and the Devu Planetary Guard.

The Tilver Massacre ended when doctors and scientists at Camp Hunter fabricated an antidote to Tilver's mind controlling pathogen. Captain Robinson, Major West and Doctor Tigarak were all cured of the pathogen. Ralon Tilver was killed by Captain Robinson in the final battle between the Devu Planetary Guard and the Devu City Resistance.

Captain Marney Robinson was court martialed, plead not guilty to his crimes and was found not guilty.

Major Cameron West was court martialed, plead guilty to his crimes and was found guilty. He was stripped of rank and sentenced to no less than one year at the Tirrus Prison Complex Alpha III and three years community service on Devu II.

Devu City Resistance Movement

The Devu City Resistance, organized by Starfleet Officer Sade Drake, shortly after the first Devu Planetary Guard executions hit the newsfeeds. Drake, a battle-hardened resistance fighter, led men and women native to Devu City against the Devu Planetary Guard. Under his experienced hand, the Devu City Resistance was able to save hundreds of people from the torture and tyranny of Tilver's rule.

To this day, Sade Drake is considered a hero of Devu II.

Tilver Massacre Memorial

The Tilver Massacre Memorial is a wall constructed in Devu Square where several hundred men and women were murdered in a public execution by the Devu Planetary Guard. The monument contains all 2,104 names of the victims killed during Tilver's reign and the subsequent rebellion. The monument also contains a message of hope to those effected by tragedy at its center. That message reads:

"We are the embodiment of the fighting spirit. A day may have brought us down, but this day we shall rise again. And we shall rise stronger than ever before." - Larack Malville, Devu II native

Devu Relief Fund

The Devu Relief Fund was created shortly after the tragedy ended to provide the families affected by this tragedy with individual and family counseling as well as financial assistance. Kara West, whose brother Cameron West was one of the invididuals effected by Tilver's pathogen, was one of the Devu Relief Fund's co-founders. Tom Bateman, through Devu Lines, was another major financial contributor.


Several authors have written articles and books about the events surrounding the Tilver Massacre of 2405. The most noteable are:

Duty and Betrayal in the Delta Quadrant by Kara West

Redemption is Just Over the Horizon by Tom Bateman

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