Tia Taylor

Species: Human
Age: 24
Gender: Female
Hair Color: Blonde
Eye Color: Blue
Height: 5' 8'' / 1.73m
Weight: 129 lbs / 58.6 kg
Birthplace: London, England, Earth


Mother: Christine Taylor (Deceased)
Father: Craig Taylor
Stepmother: Joanne Taylor
Brother: Tom Taylor
Sister: Lian Taylor

Distinguishing Features and Characteristics

In appearance, Tia is very well dressed. She has tanned skin and bright blue eyes. A slim figure with sharp curves. Tia has shoulder length light blonde hair, which she mostly wears down. Her appearance on duty is professional, her appearance off duty is mostly casual, but often to be found wearing something that's very 'in fashion.' Tia has a Tattoo of an Eagle on her left shoulder. Long slim legs and strong jaw line.

Personal Profile

Tia is a very outgoing person. She first came into Starfleet scared and quiet. She was nervous, but with finally revealing to someone about her mother and a little counseling; Tia learned to overcome her fear and become a stronger person. A reason why she chose a job in Security. A very warm and loving person, Tia often is able to talk and listen to people who come to her for help. She has a way of understanding people and emotions.

Tia always follows orders. She a good girl and takes pride in her job. Tia likes to make new friends; she enjoys getting to know new people. Strong willed; Tia wants to settle down and raise a family. She puts her heart and soul into what she believes in, and cares about her daughter more than anything in the whole world. She loves working in her shop ‘London Fashions’ and looks to the future.


Tia Kelly was born to Christine and Craig Taylor on June 25th 2384. Also in her family, are her elder brother Tom (26) and her younger sister Lian (15).

At the age of 13, Tia's mum Christine became very ill; a rift was created in the family between Tia's parents. Christine had neglected to tell anyone in the family that doctors had revealed to her she had Cancer. Christine died a slow and painful death. It broke Craig and the rest of the family apart.

Tia automatically left school at 13 to take care of her father and sister. Craig Taylor lost his job and the family was now more broken than ever. At 16 years old, Tia's father remarried. It broke Tia's heart. Though her siblings get on with her and care for Joanne; Tia despises her and swears to never bring an end to the constant feud between them.

Now aged 16 Tia worked in a small shop near to her home for a year before a friend suggested she attempt Starfleet Academy in America. 17 year old Tia headed for the States and began her Academy training.

4 years later and Tia had graduated from the Academy. On the day she graduated, her father, brother, sister and stepmother came to visit her. It was one of the most special times in her life. She had missed them so much.

A month later and Tia was posted to Devu as a security officer. Upon arriving she met her Commanding Officer, who was later to become the father of her first child ‘Faith’, Lt. Drew Galander. When Lt. Galander decided to he was leaving Devu, Tia was devastated.

Being in contact with Captain Robinson, he offered her a position on the Discovery. She proceeded to live on Discovery and work there as a Security officer until early 2406 when Drew suddenly disappeared. In late 2406 Tia moved back to Horizon II and gave birth to her daughter Faith Taylor.


2384: Born in London, England; Earth
2397: Death of Christine Taylor (Mother)
2401: Attended Starfleet Academy
2405: Attended Starfleet Academy
2406: Posted to Starbase Horizon, Devu as a Security Officer
2406: Moves to USS Discovery
2406: Gets promoted to Lt. (jg)
2406: Moves back to Horizon II
2407: Retires from Starfleet
2407: Faith Taylor is born
2408: Currently the Owner of London Fashions on Horizon II

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