Three Of Ten (Kaylee)

Species: Borg / Human
Human Name: Kaylee Ashley
Borg Designation: Three of Ten
Present Name: Three
Age: 27
Age at Time of Assimilation: 16
Gender: Female
Hair Color: Dark Brown
Eye Color: Green
Height: 5' 6" / 1.68m
Weight: 112 lbs / 50.9 kg
Birthplace: America, Earth


Parents: Mary and Stephan Ashley
Siblings: One older brother, John Ashley

Distinguishing Features and Characteristics

Former Borg Three has metallic implants on her face, hands and upper arms. Removing these would kill her. Her hair is dark brown and below shoulder length. She is slim and small framed.

Personal Profile

Three (having been transformed back to her original Human state by Dr. McGregor) is emotionless. Learning by living with the Dr who’d helped her, she is ion the process of becoming more ‘Human’ but still retains the Borg correctness that’s inside of her. She is to the point, straightforward and creative; she knows what she wants and she goes for it.


Born to Stephan and Mary Ashley, Kaylee was the Ashley’s only daughter. She grew up in a small resort in the northern end of America, Earth; where her mother and father both had perused Starfleet careers before settling down on Earth to raise a family.

Kaylee grew up normally as any other child would, going to school, achieving excellent grades but dreaming about what laid out among the stars. Kaylee was a dreamer, a girl who believed she could do more, be more and fight for the truth from anyone.

But Kaylee’s life on Earth was short lived; her parents were recalled to go on a mission that would take them far away from Earth, from the comfort of their home and deep into territory that required their skilled intellect to dissolve.

At the age of 16 Kaylee refused to stay at home with her elder brother John, who had decided against a career in Starfleet and studied scientology instead. Kaylee’s parents were reluctant to bring their child, but once gaining permission from Starfleet to bring her along, Kaylee joined her parent on a small vessel that went to study deep into space.

The mission was simple enough, collect the data and return with it to Starfleet. Their journey was short lived though Kaylee’s parents were killed and she herself assimilated by their attackers – the Borg.

Three/Kaylee spent eleven years as a Borg drone before being found on a dead Cube. She was brought to Horizon II where she was changed back to a Human, hardly remembering anything about her former time as a Human. She decided to stay and continues to learn and discover with the help of Dr. Rose McGregor.


2381: Kaylee Ashley is born
2396: Kaylee leaves Earth with her parents
2397: Kaylee is assimilated by the Borg
2407: Three of Ten - having spent 11 years as a Borg - is found on an abandoned dead Borg Cube
2407: Three of Ten is brought to Starbase Horizon II
2408: Dr. Rose McGregor performs surgery and removes Borg technology from Three
2408: Three decides to stay on Horizon II

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