Three Devu Mounties Killed In Dust Raid




Three Devu Mounties lost their lives in the fight against DUST last night. Lieutenant Daniel LaRew, Sergeant Lester Bierman, and rookie Alice Kipro were involved in a DUST raid six kilometers outside Devu City. They were staking out a small farmhouse known to be a depot for the local Devu City DUST trade when shots rang out. Several other officers were injured in the raid.

Ten men and women affiliated with the DUST trade on Devu were apprehended. Three remain in critical condition, two were killed during the fire fight.

“LeRew, Bierman and Kipro were excellent officers,” Devu Mounted Police Commissioner Thomas Brank told reporters in a press release the morning after the raid. “They cared about Devu and they cared about doing their duty as mounted police.”

The three officers’ names have been added to a growing list of DUST related killings on Devu.

“We’ve definitely seen a dramatic increase in DUST related crimes in the last year or so.” Commissioner Brank stated, “we’re increasing patrols, our detectives are working overtime, in short, we’re doing everything we can to stop DUST related tragedies like this one.”

Thus far, eighteen members of the Devu Mounted Police have been killed in action since former Governor Lazarus Cane prompted his anti-DUST initiative. Cane’s “Dustless” Bill called for increasing funds within the Devu Mounted Police to fight DUST, as well as harsher punishments for DUST arrests, and an increased police presence in areas known to have a heavy DUST usage and suspected trade.

Despite the number of deaths, Governor Bateman is standing behind the “Dustless” bill. When questioned about his plans to continue with the anti-DUST initiatives laid out, Governor Bateman said, “continuing and improving. Our initiatives are aimed at giving children a chance to beat the
DUST habit, and to strike at the heart of the DUST trade.”

“We will not forget the contributions of these brave men and women,” Commissioner Brank told reporters. “And we open our doors to anyone wishing to pay respects.

Governor Bateman also sent his regards to the families and friends harmed by this tragedy, “Our thoughts and prayers go out to the families of Devu's fallen heros, but our determination remains strong. We WILL bring those responsible to justice.”

A memorial will be held on February 15th from 4:00-8:00pm for the officers lost and a reception will follow at Police Precinct 4.

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