The Prime Directive, Vol. 1, Issue 2

— A note from the Editors

We were floored by all the glowing compliments regarding the inaugural issue of The Prime Directive. As editors we work hard to provide both residents (civilian or Starfleet) and visitors to Starbase Horizon a source and a guide to the shops, restaurants, cultural events and local areas of interest on Horizon’s promenade and on Devu II.

So we’d like to say thank you for your support and we hope that you will continue to follow our Prime Directive!

—Alexis Martin, local interest

Renowned author, Kara West, has returned to Horizon to promote the one year commemorative edition of her critically acclaimed work Duty and Betrayal in the Delta Quadrant. This investigative work reveals previously unknown information regarding both the tragic reign of Ralon Tilver on Devu II, and the involvement of Horizon’s former Marine Commanding Officer, Major Cameron West.

“Ms. West offers new insights into those clandestine days. There aren’t many people in this sector of space that haven’t heard of the “Butcher of Devu” or the events of Tilver’s short reign. Using solid scientific evidence and strong investigative skills, Ms. West reveals a new side of the events and sheds some light on the decisions that were made by those involved.” Local Devu critic, Hanna Oudry said.

Ms. West does indeed offer new insights. In Starfleet Injustice, she provides readers with a compelling look inside the mind of Cameron West.

Half the proceeds from the sale of the book will go directly to the Devu Relief Fund. The Devu Relief Fund has provided financial support, housing assistance and family and individual counseling to the men and women effected by those tragic circumstances.

—Landon Ries, Entertainment

The Diggerstown Concert Hall will be holding the first ever Borderlands Post Awards ceremony on March 30th. The awards ceremony will be commemorating the outstanding achievements of Delta Quadrant creative authors in a variety of categories.

“We just think it’s about damn time people received an award for all the effort they put in.” Melissa Schomers, member of the Borderlands Post Academy said. “They spend minutes, sometimes even hours, writing. If that doesn’t deserve recognition, I don’t know what does.”

The Borderlands Post Awards are the brain child of Tom Bateman. “I want to bring us closer together and to show our appreciation for the great writing from the past year.”

The Borderlands Post Awards will also be honoring someone with the Andrew Olmstead Award for Outstanding Service to Borderlands and inaugurating the Borderlands Hall of Fame by inducting the first members.

The nomination process closes March 11.

—Joanna Friedman, life and leisure

Barrry’s Bait and Tackle has just unveiled plans to open up a “fishing hole” by expanding into the empty store front next door. The fishing hole will offer customers the opportunity to try their hand fishing for a variety of Delta Quadrant fish.

“We really think it’ll be a hit with the kids. Moms and dads can bring their kids down for some supervised and safe fishing on the banks of “the Ol’ Hole.” Barry Thompson, owner of Barry’s Bait and Tackle said. “It just seems like people are really missing out on that good ol’ fishing experience. We’re trying to bring it back.”

The plans for the “fishing hole” involve a pond approximately ten meters wide, twenty meters long and three meters deep. The fishing hole will provide the promenade on Horizon with another area of “live” greenery.

“Sometimes you just want a real pond, not a holoprogram.” Barry said.

The project completion date is November of 2408.


The Promenade Department of Recreation Services is offering a three on three basketball tournament at the Recreation Center on March 22-23 The event will begin at 8pm on Saturday with a single elimination tournament. All age and skill levels are welcome to participate.

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