The Prime Directive, Vol. 1, Issue 1

—A note from the editors

Civilians of Starbase Horizon's promenade and fellow Starfleet Officers, we are pleased to present the first issue of the Prime Directive! Within the following pages you will find an excellent source of information regarding cultural events, restaurant and shop reviews, as well as sights to see here on our very own promenade. So follow our prime directive and head on down to Horizon’s Promenade for a fantastic assortment of activities and events!

—John McEntery, food critic

The social scene of Starbase Horizon, and surprisingly a good portion of that on Devu itself, is all abuzz about the reopening of a Delta Quadrant Icon. After a five years absence, Gabby's once again offers fine dining on the promenade of the Starbase Horizon.

"Of course we were going to reestablish ourselves here" Owner Gabby Lochnivar replied. "It's our home, we only left because Starfleet required us to."

Yet again, another family forced out by Starfleet, but this reporter digresses.

When asked about the famous quality of her food, Gabby replied, “It’s made fresh, only the raw ingredients are replicated. You can’t replicate the human touch, John.”

When asked about the meat, Gabby admits, "Some of it is replicated, but the choice stuff is bought from local ranchers on Devu, and once we establish trade with other systems we can expand our menu to include a variety of dishes."

The dining area is spectacular with red velvet loosely hanging from the walls. The tables are draped with spotless white linen, and the chair golden.

The service is impeccable. When asked about the retro style of her waiters’ uniforms, Gabby replies, “There’s just something striking about an old earth tuxedo, it fits into the atmosphere.”

This reporter ordered the Filet Baroque with a Devu Merlot 2399. The meat was tender and juicy and the vegetables were crisp and fresh. The entire dish was spiced with a spicy garlic sauce that complemented the wine perfectly.

This reporter is not often impressed by dining establishments, especially those on Starfleet, but Gabby’s has overcome her obstacles to create a truly wonderful dining establishment that fully lives up to her reputation and earning a rare and coveted five stars from this food critic.

—Alexis Martin, local interest

In a world of holonovels, holodecks and holovids, bound paper novels are a rarity. But The Bookend, run by local proprietor Cameron West, is a literary enthusiasts dream. Dealing in a selection of texts from around the universe, Mr. West boasts a tremendous selection of bound books.

“They make great gifts,” Cameron West said, “and I get a lot of people in here who just like the feel of a real book in their hands. Reading is an experience, not just a past time.”

And Mr. West certainly does an excellent job of making his store an experience as well. Customers can lounge on several plush couches and chairs as they debate between texts and even enjoy a cup of fresh brewed coffee.

“There’s more to selecting a book than just picking it off the shelf and reading the back cover.” Cameron West continued as he led me through the shelves, “it’s about the adventure. There’s a perfect book for everyone and I like to give people the time they need to find it.”

For those seeking a more 25th century experience, The Bookend also offers consoles for downloading and purchasing holonovels.

In two weeks, The Bookend will also feature it’s first reading and signing. Local Devu Author Janaleah Eric will be reading an excerpt of her recently published novel, The Season for Ravens. The novel is a pseudo memoir and draws on Ms. Eric’s experiences growing up near a Srellian village. The reading is scheduled for February 20th beginning at 7:00pm with
the book signing to follow.

“It’ll be an excellent opportunity for people to get to know a local author.” Cameron said, “and as a special treat, we are offering limited leather bound first editions for sale. But we only have a limited stock.”

This reporter can guarantee that spending an hour or so in The Bookend is worth it. Peruse the shelves, question the owner about his stock, reconnect with a time that knew nothing about holotechnology and have a cup of coffee that’s second only to The Coffee Bean.


The Horizon Quintet will be playing a free concert in the parkland located at the center of Horizon’s promenade on February 15th at 8:00pm. They will be playing “Requiem for Emotion” by famous Vulcan composer Sapek.


The Federation Free Health Clinic on the promenade, run by Dr. Lenora Mara, will be offering free flu vaccinations to interested civilians on February 13th from 12:00-5:00pm.

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