The Bookend

The Bookend is one of many civilian run establishments on Starbase Horizon. It is owned and operated by Cameron West.

The Bookend specializes in hard and soft bound novels from across the universe, offering an extensive collection from Earth, Vulcan and Bajor. The Bookend also offers holonovels and paddnovels at convienent commpanels located in the store.

Store Hours

The Bookend is open from 1100-1800h Monday through Friday, from 1100-1700 on Saturday and is closed on Sunday.

Upcoming Events


On July 14th, The Bookend will play host to local Horizon author Lans Berkman, author of So You Think You Can, the controversial depiction of life as a Starfleet Captain. Berkman will be reading an excerpt from his work before answering questions and signing copies.


Local Devu author, Jornad, will be reading an excerpt from his novel The Trellian Mask. Jornad is a well known local mystery writer and has had several of his works turned into holomovies. He will be available from 1300-1500 to sign novels and answer customer questions.


The Bookend was featured in an issue of The Prime Directive which can be viewed here.

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