Jaurel Tarsus

Major Jaurel Tarsus was born on Trill ca. 2379 as Jaurel Banks. Upon accepting the Tarsus symbiote, he became Jaurel Tarsus. He is currently the Marine Commanding Officer of the 232nd Orbital Battalion aboard the USS Discovery. (Played by Tim.)

Physical Appearance

Tarsus is tall (6’5”), of average build (180 lbs), and has an impressive and melodious voice. He has the characteristic green Trill spots (ladies, you can find out for yourselves whether or not they go all the way down), brown hair, and brown eyes. He exudes a calm aura of relaxation, and puts people at ease.

Early Life and Starfleet

Born on Trill, Jaurel Banks was raised in an ordinary family with two sisters and a brother. From a young age, Jaurel disliked the whole idea of having a “slimy parasitic worm” implanted into his spine. As a result, he has repeatedly turned down offers from Trill Symbiosis Commission to accept a symbiote. He was trained regardless, but was never seriously considered as a candidate host.

He got into Starfleet Academy, and started out as a marksman for the marines. As it turned out, he had an interest in the medical field as well, so he switched to being a combat medic. He graduated at the age of 21, and was shipped off to the front.

Jaurel saw extensive action on many worlds. He and three others were the only survivors of his platoon’s four-year tour of duty. He was reassigned to another platoon, and went off to serve on Antaris, a Federation world under attack by the True Way. During the fighting, a Trill Federation Ambassador was fatally wounded. With the planet under siege, and no host within light years, Jaurel was faced with the choice of accepting the symbiote or letting it die. He chose to accept.

After leaving Antaris, Jaurel went back to Trill to get help for dealing with his symbiote. He stayed there for several months before going back on active duty. He was then assigned to the USS Discovery.

Jaurel is unique among trill hosts. He was forced to accept a symbiote to keep it alive, and so that leaves trace feelings of regret and resentment. However, he has learned to appreciate his new companion, Tarsus, and gets along with it well enough.

Jaurel maintains a somewhat rugged personality. Before he was joined, he used to brawl constantly, and do crazy things like setting off grenades in washing machines and crashing vehicles just because he was bored. Now, his ‘conscience’ stops him from acting solely on his impulses. He still exhibits somewhat combative behavior, and forgets his manners frequently. Tarsus, the old ambassador, is in the process of correcting that. Several years spent with the symbiote has greatly improved Jaurel’s behavior, and has gotten him acting more like an officer than ever before.

Despite being a medic, Jaurel is your typical run-of-the-mill marine. He’s a hard-fighting gung-ho man of the sword, but at the same time, he’s laid back and likes to take things easy. The Hippocratic Oath forbids him from harming things, but it also requires him to save his patients. So, if there is an enemy threatening the health of his patients (his squad), then the logical treatment would be to kill the enemy so that his patients won't be harmed - strange, but very reasonable.

Previous Lives

Thurex Tarsus: Trill ambassador, received the Tarsus symbiote in his early twenties, died on the planet Antaris, killed by True Way rebels. Jaurel had to accept his symbiote to keep it alive. Thurex’s claim to fame lies in his work as part of the Federation delegation in the Treaty of Horizon, the Dominion War Ceasefire, the renegotiation of the Federation/Klingon Alliance, and countless minor system disputes. Thurex was on Antaris, attempting to negotiate a truce with True Way leaders when a large True Way floatilla ambushed his ship, forcing the ambassador to take refuge on the planet. On the planet, he befriended Jaurel Banks, a good-natured young medic just beginning his career in the marine corps, but no stranger to fighting or bloodshed. Thurex was fatally wounded by debris from an orbital bombardment. His last request was for the young medic, Jaurel Banks, to take the Tarsus symbiote to keep it alive. Jaurel reluctantly complied, and in a cavern lit only by emergency lights, two nervous corpsmen performed the transfer.

Jantris Tarsus: Starship Captain, served with the Trill Defense Force for 60 years. Having served extensively throughout the Alpha quadrant, Jantris’s battle doctrine is still taught as a minor elective in the academy. He is best known for his run-in with Captain Kirk, nearly blowing the Starship Enterprise out of the sky until Kirk notified Jantris that he was carrying pregnant Trill dignitaries. Jantris died as a commodore in charge of a backwater post, his career stalled and his life in shambles. Some say that it was depression that killed him, some say he committed suicide. The Tarsus symbiote has not revealed any details as to the nature of the commodore’s death.

Torkal Tarsus: Highly decorated veteran of a very troubled time in Trill history. He was a part of an experimental program to join Trill and utilize their augmented abilities to carry out commando operations and lead regular troops into battle. The program was highly successful, but the risk to the symbiotes was deemed too great. It was simply too costly to sacrifice symbiotes on such a scale, and the war was going fine without the commandos. Torkan was on his way home to be retired out of front line duty when he was fatally stabbed in a bar.

Aliala Tarsus: Beautiful woman, she was the jewel of Trill during her time. She rose to fame as a simple lounge singer, catching the attention of Trill media officials. She soon found that her talents extended to instrumental music and art as well. It is said that her smile could light up a room and have enough energy left over to lift a dying man’s soul.
She married a bright young scientist and started a family with him. She supported him in all his endeavors, trying to find ways to use new technologies to help people. She died at the age of 93, thanks in no small part to her symbiote.

Service Record

2400.06 2nd Lt. Jaurel Banks graduated from the academy and was among 300 young marine and navy officers to be sent into active duty during a time of near-civil war for the Federation. True Way and Rebel attacks were frequent in the Delta Quadrant, and Jaurel was immediately assigned to the 1-29th Rifle Battalion as a combat medic. They were stationed on various DQ worlds as part of the 3rd Marine peacekeeping taskforce.

2400.08 Lt. Banks is reprimanded for his role in a barfight on Starbase Phoenix, resulting in the injury of 3 Human civilian males.

2400.10 Lt. Banks receives a summarized Article 15 under the SFCMJ (Starfleet Code of Military Justice) for smuggling illicit beverages into the barracks prior to a combat action. He is deducted 2 months’ pay, suspended from favorable action for three months, and is placed on 240 days’ extra duty.

2401.02 Participated in the quadrant-wide hunt for the USS Warchief (renamed R.S.S. Cromwell by the ship thieves). After an unsuccessful 6-month manhunt, Starfleet decided to pull Jaurel’s unit from the DQ and stationed the taskforce in the Alpha Quadrant, where True Way attacks were increasing in frequency. Jaurel began finding himself put more and more into a combat role as field commanders began to recognize his skill with a phaser rifle. The only reason he wasn’t promoted during this time was due to his rowdy behavior constantly earning him disciplinary actions.

2401.05 Lt. Banks receives an Article 32 under the SFCMJ for assault upon a fellow marine during an argument while on duty. He is deducted 50% of his pay for 5 months and is placed on 240 days’ extra duty.

2402.01 Lt. Banks is reprimanded after being placed under arrest by the civilian authorities on Devu II on the charges of unruly behavior in public, operating a hovercraft while intoxicated, and destruction of physical property. He receives a reprimand and a company-grade Article 15 under the SFCMJ. He is deducted 75% of six months’ pay, is suspended from favorable action for 12 months, and is placed on 300 days’ extra duty.

2403.03 Lt. Banks receives a Starfleet Purple Heart for wounds sustained during the rescue of a Federation VIP on Deter V. He then receives a summarized Article 32 under the SFCMJ for subsequently punching the VIP. He is placed on 120 days’ extra duty.

2403.06 Lt. Banks is reprimanded for reporting to PT formation intoxicated.

2403.08 Lt. Banks is placed on 120 days’ extra duty for disrespectful remarks during a conversation with the Battalion Commander.

2404.06 Lt. Banks receives a summarized Article 15 under the SFCMJ for destruction of physical property when he set off a grenade in a laundry machine while in New Shantung, Divinity. He is placed on 240 days’ extra duty and is suspended from favorable action for 3 months. He is also ordered to pay the owner of the laundry machine 200% of the machine’s value.

2405 Jaurel, stationed on the world of Antaris, meets a Trill ambassador by the name of Thurex Tarsus. Thurex and Jaurel initially did not get along due to Jaurel’s deep mistrust of joined Trill, but eventually the two became fast friends. The friendship was pushed to a whole new level when a True Way floatilla attacked and the ambassador was severely injured. Not wanting to let his friend die, Jaurel reluctantly accepted Thurex’s symbiote to keep it and its experiences from being lost. After the attack was over, Jaurel was sent back to Trill for several months to get help dealing with his symbiote.

2406 Jaurel is assigned to the USS Discovery as the new MXO.

2406.05 Jaurel participates in the recapture of the Discovery when a rogue group of Cardassians subdue the crew with a virus and take control of the ship.

2406.06 After several years of applying, Jaurel is finally accepted into the elite Starfleet Special Forces School, otherwise known as the “Red Omega”. He leaves Discovery to attend a grueling three-month training program affectionately nicknamed “Basic training for Satan’s Army”.

2406.09 Jaurel returns to the Discovery as an infiltration specialist, and is assigned to the intelligence department. He is also promoted to the rank of 1st Lt.

2406.09 The Romulan Warbird SES T’Vrixis incident. Jaurel becomes exposed to a virus during a boarding operation and spends the rest of the mission in sickbay in a coma. During the incident, the ship’s doctors are able to discover an antibody to the virus by using the genetic memory of Jaurel’s symbiote. Using this, the doctors create an antiserum. The antiserum, combined with a form of radiation therapy, contains the virus and resolves the crisis.

2406.11 Jaurel is promoted to Captain and assumes role of MCO onboard Discovery.

2406.12 Jaurel leads the marine effort to rescue Captain Robinson and Commander Drake from Bali III, deep behind Cardassian lines. Jaurel is severely injured while escorting them to the extraction point. Jaurel is awarded the Crest of Valor for his actions and is promoted to the rank of Major.

2407.03 The Discovery is lured into a transwarp conduit by an omnipotent alien entity and crash-lands on an unknown planet where all forms of conventional energy are dampened. Jaurel and the surviving marines are tasked with the protection of the crew, which they performed effectively without the aid of technology, and while under extremely adverse conditions.

2408.01 Jaurel participates in the assault on a secret Cardassian bio-weapons research facility located on the fourth moon of Thalas, leading a ground team to gather intel on the facility before Discovery could move in and destroy it. Jaurel then directs the marine counter-boarding operations as the Cardassians counter-attack the Discovery as she is trying to return to Federation Space. The marine company loses its entire command staff during this engagement, leaving Jaurel the only officer in the company once again.

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