Steve Repka

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Steven was born in the Rylian Province of Betazed to prominent politician Krina Troi (yes related to those Trois) and Surgeon Sylian Repka on May 28, 2379. When he was born his family noticed something was wrong with their precious son. Not only did he had extremely rare blue eyes, but he seemed to cry a lot and his presence was felt not only physically, but also mentally to them as well. After taking him to a couple of noted specialists, their worst fears were realized. Unlike most Betazoids, whose telepathy and mental abilities come out as they age, Steven had been born with almost all his abilities in tact. This would for sure cause some problems. As he grew Steven saw a rotating roster of Dr.’s and specialists. He was never allowed to become too close to his Dr.’s, both for their mental safety and his.

At the age of three Steven was uprooted from his home and friends and taken to Earth where his mother had been appointed as the Betazoid Ambassador to the Federation Council. They moved to a noted Earth city, known as New York. He continued to see Dr.’s there. His mental telepathy at such a young age, and lack at controlling it didn’t endear him to many of his teachers and friends as he grew up. At the age of 14 Steven was no longer able to control the continually growing powers. He was sent to a mental institution where he underwent strenuous training at being able to use his ability. At first he was mad at his parents for sending him there, however it wasn’t long before he realized they had saved his life. Being considered one of the strongest Telepaths and mental prowess of his generation his name became known to those in power. He still uses some of the techniques he learned there daily.

At the age of 16, using some of the contacts he made through his mother he took early entrance to the Academy. He was on an accelerated course and within his first year joined the marines. However, his mother and father disagreed with this path and using contacts of their own forced him from boot camp. He instead saw he had a talent for medicine. In his fourth year he fought for the right to join medical school concurrent with his Star Fleet training. They accepted his argument and he joined medical school. After graduating from the academy just shy of his 20st birthday Steve went on to full time medicine. After graduating and finishing his residency at Starfleet medical Steve got a job teaching residents on Betazoid, he was 25 one of the youngest in the fleet in his position. There he met a beautiful young student. They dated and eventually broke up when Steve proposed to her. To this day he still doesn’t like to talk about it.

After this break-up, and at the age of 27, Steven left Betazed and accepted a position as CMO on Starbase Horizon in the Delta Quadrant. He felt being so far away from Jennifer, his one true love, would give him time. Being the youngest officer ever to be offered a CMO he took it was while he was here on Horizon that Steven learned that a tryst he had after Jennifer left him had resulted in the birth of his son Drew. Drew’s mother had died and left the boy to his father. While on horizon, in a very brief time, Steven rose through the ranks to Lt. Commander.

After being on Horizon for just under two years Steven had gone to attend the wedding of a former Commanding Officer on the USS Discovery. While there the ship had met with some sort of spatial distortion and crash-landed on an alien planet. This caused Steven to take over as Acting CMO. When the ship was fixed and left the planet he left the Discovery after receiving an officer to become Head of Starfleet medical. He was only 6 months into his new position when he was given an offer by Starfleet Intelligence that he could not refuse. His work since then has been shrouded in secrecy, his records made classified and his time in the asylum erased. This new position helped elevate him to the rank of Commander, one of the youngest ever at the tender age of 29, and led him back to the USS Discovery, his mission top-secret in concurrence to being ships XO.

Important Dates:

2378.5.28 Steven Repka born in Rylian Province on Betazed
2381.4.3 Repka family moves to Earth
2392.5.29 Steve admitted to St. Regis Asylum for Mentally Disturbed
2394.7.22 Steve accepted into Starfleet Academy
2397.8.16 Steve given early admission into Starfleet Medical concurrent with his senior year.
2398.5.26 Graduation from Starfleet Academy
2401.5.26 Graduation from Starfleet Medical
2401.5.27 Residency at Starfleet Neuroscience begins
2403.5.27 Residency ends Steven accepts job teaching on Betazed
2405.12.9 Offered Position as CMO on Starbase Horizon in the Delta Quadrant
2407.5.27 Crashed with USS Discovery, became ACMO
2407.8.16 Offered position as head of Starfleet medical
2408.2.2 Offered position with Starfleet Intelligence, position classified
2409.2.22 Promoted to Commander Assigned to USS Discovery, As Efficiency Expert and XO

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