S'Task Crew

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galae'Riov, Delta Fleet - khre'Riov Deletham i'Traan
CO - erei'Riov Nalah t'Kassus
XO - Open

COO - Open
Operations Officer Erein Ranek tr'Valan

CO - erei'Arrain Sienna t'Ralaa

COS - erei'Arrain Tiralek Cha'Rem
Security Officer - Erein Romah Doek

Chief Engineer - Arrain Saeihr i'Ra'tleihfi t'Khnialmnae
Engineering Officer - Erein Chavek tr'Kota

CMO - Arrain Sascek tr'Tekar
Medical Officer - erei'Arrain Aiddoann s'Raidak

CSO - Arrain Ael Cha'Talis
Science Officer - Erein Rorrec tr'Findlay
Science Officer - Erein Da'tilk Silveron

Fighter Wing
WCO - Arrain Khiy tr'Movar
Fighter Pilot - Erein Tulac Jezfa

Tal Shiar
Tal Shiar Liaison - erei'Arrain Ejiul ir'Bagbamor tr'Mulaer

Federation Liaison
Federation Liaison Officer - Lt. Kirsty Miller
Assistant Federation Liaison Officer - Ensign Harry Jackson

Klingon Liaison
Klingon Liaison Officer - lagh [Erein] Kung, Son of Kurelaw, of the Klingon House of Melulag

Federation Embassy
Federation Ambassador - Open

Kaia - Hannri Slave - Medical Assistant
Shauna - Ocampan Slave - Riov's Yeoman

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