SES S'Task Monthly Report - May

  • – New Player

** – Secondary Character

  1. – LOA

## – AWOL

CO & galae'Riov, Delta Fleet - khre'Riov Deletham i'Traan - Jason
XO – khre'Arrain Nalah t'Kassus - Cat

COO - Arrain Maiek i'Iuruth tr'Aelhih - Spike

CO - erei'Arrain Sienna t'Ralaa - Hermione
Legionnaire - Erein S'anra D'mora - Cat **

COS - Vacant
Security Officer - Erein Mandukar i'Aihai tr'Rul - Max ##

CHENG - Vacant
Engineering Officer - Arrain H'Draen tr'Khellian - Ron ##
Engineering Officer - Erein Chavek tr'Kota - Hermione **

CMO - erei'Arrain Sascek tr'Tekar - Michael
Medical Officer - erei'Arrain Aiddoann s'Raidak - Sarah
Medical Officer - Erein Teelis t'Seret - Michael **

CSO - Vacant

WCO - erei'Arrain Arev tr'Raidak - Tim

Tal Shiar Liaison - erei'Arrain Ejiul ir'Bagbamor tr'Mulaer - Robert

Erein Tiralek Cha'rem - Mark

Federation Liaison Officer - Lt. Kirsty Miller – Cat **

Federation Ambassador - Pijus Otner - Robert ** ##

Kaia - Hannri Slave - Medical Assistant - Hermione **
Shauna - Ocampan Slave - Riov's Yeoman - Cat **

Plot Synopsis:

This month on S'Task has been a little slow, with a few players
taking LOA's and mid year blues (this writer thinks) settling in,
things have come down a little, but still as ever we're making near
to a hundred posts a month which is fantastic.

After coming back aboard from the mission to the planet surface, the
XO and two Legionnaires reported in, the wounded were being treated,
mission statements were made, and orders issued. Cha'rem was ordered
to contact Starbase Phoenix, where he spoke in detail about the
Natives brought aboard, and their request to go to Vulcan.

Though S'Task is heading for Starbase Phoenix to make a pit stop,
before taking a well deserved shore leave on Romulus, it became clear
that a Virus was breaking out among the crew. A deadly Virus that
attacked the tRNA genes in the Romulan body, though some Romulan
bodies carry Vulcanoid genomes and develop immunity to the Virus,
others do not, therefore leaving them completely at the mercy of the

Finally after hours of waiting and researching the two doctors,
Aiddoann and Sascek discovered it and are currently working on a
Vaccine to cure this virus, though some patients are already on the
final stages, the crew is working against the clock, with orders from
i'Traan for screening to be done on every shift change.

Things just got worse though, the virus (they thought) had been
contained behind Sickbay doors, until the Chief of Operations Maiek
tr'Aelhih (insanely) beamed Doctor Sascek tr'Tekar from Sickbay and
broke quarantine.

Post Count:

March - 144
April - 103
May - 91

CO - Jason
XO - Cat
Rep - Robert ##
Rep - Sarah

Respectfully submitted,

SES S'Task

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