SES S'Task Monthly Report - March

  • – New Player

** – Secondary Character

  1. – LOA

## – AWOL

CO - Riov Deletham i'Traan - Jason
XO – khre'Arrain Nalah t'Kassus - Cat

COO - Arrain Maiek i'Iuruth tr'Aelhih - Spike

CO - Vacant
Legionnaire - Erein Sienna t'Ralaa - Hermione
Legionnaire - Erein S'anra D'mora - Cat **
Legionnaire - Erein Terrh tr'Rylov - Jesse *

COS - Arrain Ejiul tr'Kihal - Bill #
Security Officer - Erein Mandukar i'Aihai tr'Rul - Max

CHENG - Vacant
Engineering Officer - Arrain H'Draen tr'Khellian - Ron ##
Engineering Officer - Erein Chavek tr'Kota - Hermione **

CMO - erei'Arrain Sascek tr'Tekar - Michael
Medical Officer - Erein Aiddoann s'Raidak - Sarah *
Medical Officer - Erein Teelis t'Seret - Michael **

CSO - Arrain Isidra t'Karyk - Jax

WCO - erei'Arrain Arev tr'Raidak - Tim

Tal Shiar Liaison - erei'Arrain Ejiul ir'Bagbamor tr'Mulaer - Robert

Erein Tiralek Cha'rem - Mark *

Federation Liaison Officer - Lt. Kirsty Miller – Cat **

Federation Ambassador - Pijus Otner - Robert **

Riann Amaara - Akaali Slave - Michael **
Kaia - Hannri Slave - Medical Assistant - Hermione **
Shauna - Ocampan Slave - Cat **

Kiva - Hunting Chief, Havreh - Tim **
Arva - Havreh native - Tim **

Plot Synopsis:

This month our post numbers have shot through the roof! New players
have been involving themselves in a posting frenzy and thus resulted
in our highest post number so far this year. Jason and I have been
very pleased at the turn out.

When we left off last month our Legionnaires and XO on the surface
had just entered the abandoned, imbedded in ice colony ship on the
planet surface. Bringing with them the ‘Elder.’ They proceeded to
enter the ship and eventually found themselves on the bridge, full of
possibilities and of questions being asked but with no-one there to
answer them.

XO Nalah decided to let her Legionnaires take some down time whilst
she proceeded to Main Engineering. Upon her arrival she was at least
able to make some power from the badly damaged circuits rout through
to one or two of the stations on the ship.

Between the Elder and Nalah they discovered what really happened so
many yeas before in the time of Surak. From a report made by a now
long dead officer, both Nalah and the Elder heard that the colony
ship that left Vulcan was making it's way ‘home’ when it encountered
an unknown species –The Borg.

The Borg viewed them as no threat, until the Colony ship and its
officers, men, women and children decided to peruse the vessel and
investigate. The ship was perused for an unknown length of time
before it was pulled into a transwarp conduit, winding up the Delta
Quadrant and crashing on the current planet, their only form of
hiding themselves away from the Borg was to emit a pulse to fool the
Borg into believing any survivors were dead.

It worked and they ended forming their homeland on this very planet.
Meanwhile on S'Task, a mission briefing was held and decided that
upon the current research the only way to attempt a rescue mission
was to take a shuttle down to the surface.

A team was put together and commanded by the Chief Science officer –
Isidra. Upon arrival on the planet, the team have decided to set up a
field that will allow the S'Task to pick up the away team and stop
the pulse that is currently blocking them from doing so.

As this plot draws ever nearer to the end, I find it more and more
enjoyable to see all the crew members of S'Task pulling together, old
and new and I hope this month we continue to do so.

Post Count:

January - 51
February - 83
March - 144

CO - Jason
XO - Cat
Rep - Robert
Rep - Michael

Respectfully submitted,

SES S'Task

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