SES S'Task Monthly Report - February

  • – New Player

** – Secondary Character

  1. – LOA

## – AWOL

CO - Riov Deletham i'Traan - Jason
XO – khre'Arrain Nalah t'Kassus - Cat

COO - Arrain Maiek i'Iuruth tr'Aelhih - Spike
Ops Officer - Erein Nniol ir'Llunih tr'Qellar - Nigel ##

CO - Vacant
Legionnaire - erei'Arrain Argelian tr'Mendak - Nigel ##
Legionnaire - Erein Sienna t'Ralaa - Hermione
Legionnaire - Erein S'anra D'mora - Cat **
Legionnaire - Erein Terrh tr'Rylov - Jesse *

COS - Arrain Ejiul tr'Kihal - Bill #
Security Officer - Erein Mandukar i'Aihai tr'Rul - Max

CHENG - Vacant
Engineering Officer - Arrain H'Draen tr'Khellian - Ron ##
Engineering Officer - Erein Chavek tr'Kota - Hermione **

CMO - erei'Arrain Sascek tr'Tekar - Michael
Medical Officer - Erein Aiddoann s'Raidak - Sarah *
Medical Officer - Erein Teelis t'Seret - Michael **

CSO - Arrain Isidra t'Karyk - Jax

WCO - erei'Arrain Arev tr'Raidak - Tim

Tal Shiar Liaison - erei'Arrain Ejiul ir'Bagbamor tr'Mulaer - Robert

Erein Tiralek Cha'rem - Mark *

Federation Liaison Officer - Lt. Kirsty Miller – Cat **

Federation Ambassador - Pijus Otner - Robert **

Riann Amaara - Akaali Slave - Michael **
Kaia - Hannri Slave - Medical Assistant - Hermione **
Shauna - Ocampan Slave - Cat **

Kiva - Hunting Chief, Havreh - Tim **
Arva - Havreh native - Tim **

Plot Synopsis:

This month on the S'Task has been quite eventful! With addition of a
few new players it has helped to make the SES S'Task a bit livelier
and thus affected (for the better) our post numbers!

So down on the planet, our three crewmembers, the XO t'Kassus and two
members of the Legion have been taken to meet the ‘Elders’ the
leaders of the group of natives. Nalah took it upon herself to invite
one of the Elders for a little one to one talk and found out some
rather interesting and scary speculations about whose these people
are, believing that now they could have originated from the original
teachings of Surak.

Things heated up for the two Legion's too as they found an
underground lair that lead directly to the Colony ship that was
embedded in the ice, but found it odd the Natives had yet to mention
this and reported it back to the XO.

On board S'Task, the captured Natives had been checked out in the
medical bay, then been taken to a secure place where they would be
watched closely. Commander i'Traan, in between greeting new members
of the crew, has been talking with the Chief Science officer;
together they've found out some rather interesting information.

They confirmed that the colony ship that was indeed on the planet was
in fact leaking certain plasma, the Chief Science officer traced this
and matched it those of the original Colony ships when the Romulan's
first arrived at ch'Rihan!

Back on the surface, the away team have been busy too, Nalah heard
about the Colony ship and after sending the two Legion's in to break
through the outer damaged hull, they proceeded to enter the Colony
ship. Bringing with them the Elder Native who predicted that this
would happen.

Now trying desperately to reach those aboard the S'Task, the XO and
her partial away team, struggle to get some power into the
communications device, completely unaware of what was being uncovered
on board the S'Task…

Post Count:

December - 81
January - 51
February - 83

CO - Jason
XO - Cat
Rep - Robert
Rep - Michael

Respectfully submitted,

SES S'Task

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