SES S'Task Monthly Report - April

  • – New Player

** – Secondary Character

  1. – LOA

## – AWOL

CO & galae'Riov, Delta Fleet - khre'Riov Deletham i'Traan - Jason
XO – khre'Arrain Nalah t'Kassus - Cat

COO - Arrain Maiek i'Iuruth tr'Aelhih - Spike

CO - erei'Arrain Sienna t'Ralaa - Hermione
Legionnaire - Erein S'anra D'mora - Cat **
Legionnaire - Erein Terrh tr'Rylov - Jesse ##

COS - Vacant
Security Officer - Erein Mandukar i'Aihai tr'Rul - Max ##

CHENG - Vacant
Engineering Officer - Arrain H'Draen tr'Khellian - Ron ##
Engineering Officer - Erein Chavek tr'Kota - Hermione **

CMO - erei'Arrain Sascek tr'Tekar - Michael
Medical Officer - erei'Arrain Aiddoann s'Raidak - Sarah
Medical Officer - Erein Teelis t'Seret - Michael **

CSO - Arrain Isidra t'Karyk - Jax #

WCO - erei'Arrain Arev tr'Raidak - Tim

Tal Shiar Liaison - erei'Arrain Ejiul ir'Bagbamor tr'Mulaer - Robert

Erein Tiralek Cha'rem - Mark

Federation Liaison Officer - Lt. Kirsty Miller – Cat **

Federation Ambassador - Pijus Otner - Robert ** ##

Riann Amaara - Akaali Slave - Michael **
Kaia - Hannri Slave - Medical Assistant - Hermione **
Shauna - Ocampan Slave - Cat **

Kiva - Hunting Chief, Havreh - Tim **
Arva - Havreh native - Tim **

Plot Synopsis:

This month the S'Task has been fairly quiet what with one thing and
another going on. We wrapped up the main bit of our plot and have
continued with a slight sub-plot for a bit of a twist to the whole
story line in itself.

When we left off last month the rescue team had arrived on the planet
to aid in the rescue of the XO and the two Legionnaires – who had now
been stranded for a good while.

The rescue team, after being momentarily attacked by another form of
the Natives (who had segregated themselves and their beliefs from the
good Natives) were rescued by the hunters of the Prime's Tribe.
Grateful the team followed the Natives onwards to what they would
call their home within the rocks of the Earth (or the place the XO
and the Legionnaires had gone to)

Nalah, along with Sienna, S'anra and Prime, all regrouped back on the
bridge, believing no good would come from staying there Sienna came
up with the brilliant idea of finding a quick way out by going
upwards through the already broken and damaged hull, than by going
back the way they came.

This turned out to be a stroke of luck for the three of them, as
they're arrival on the land above found them within the path of the
rescue team. The Prime leader offered Nalah the bond of brotherhood,
meaning that the Romulans and the Havreh were being bound as allies.

Kiva and Arva were brought back with XO and the rest of the team to
S'Task, a personal favour from the Prime. Now back aboard the S'Task
it is clear that not all is what it seems as viral infection begins
to take down members of the crew; in particular – Sienna the first to
show signs, although it is still unbeknown to the rest of the crew…

Post Count:

February - 83
March - 144
April - 103

CO - Jason
XO - Cat
Rep - Robert ##
Rep - Michael

Respectfully submitted,

SES S'Task

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