Starfleet Supports Local Delta Quadrant Charity




Rear Admiral Sarah Riley, the recently appointed Flag Officer to the Delta Quadrant, announced Starfleet’s participation in the Omicron-Dakkus space race. Half of all proceeds for the race are going to the local Phoenix charity, “Class for Kids”, which provides educational opportunities for
underprivileged, disadvantaged and orphaned youths.

“This is an excellent opportunity for Starfleet to work with the government of Devu II.” Admiral Riley told reporters. “When Governor Bateman approached me with the idea, I was excited by the prospect of being able to assist these poor children.”

Starfleet has offered to provide security for the race at no cost to Dakkus Shipyards, Inc.

“We want this to be a safe, secure, family friendly event. So we will be working side by side with the Government of Devu II to see to that.” Riley told reporters.

Jack Laakan, Director of “Class for Kids”, had this to say regarding Admiral Riley’s involvement in their local charity. “Any time we can gain the support of people in a position of influence only helps our cause. Admiral Riley has been an avid supporter of underprivileged children throughout her career and she continues to show her support now.”

Those wishing to provide further donations to “Class for Kids” are instructed to do so through their paddsite.

The Federation News Service will bring its readers more details once the Omicron-Dakkus space race is finalized.

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