Spirit Of Kelora

The Spirit of Kelora was a space liner named after the Kelora Valley on Devu II, designed for the lucrative Earth to Delta Quadrant route. Owned by the Devu Lines and built by the Dakkus Shipyards, The Spirit of Kelora was gigantic, luxurious, and the pride of the people of Devu. The Spirit of Kelora had accomodations for 6,000 passengers and 1100 officers and crew.

Maiden Voyage and Disaster

The Spirit of Kelora was launched during Merdeka Week, 2405. Her maiden voyage was a full cruising to Earth. In addition to her normal compliment, the Spirit of Kelora also carried Lt. Governor Elaine Getz on a mission to deliver a petition for Devu's membership in the United Federation f Planets.

The Spirit's maiden voyage was a success, but upon return, communication was lost. When the Spirit of Kelora re-appeared, it was heading directly towards Starbase Horizon. Attempts to contact her crew were unsuccessful. Starfleet directed the USS Lexington to stop the runaway ship, and managed to lock onto it with a tractor beam and stop it just feet from the outer hull of Starbase Horizon.

Boarding parties from Horizon found that the Spirit of Kelora's hull had been ruptured in an apparent terrorist act. The stateroom containing Lt. Governor Getz had been completely vented to space, while the Lt. Governor had been tied to a chair. The rest of the ship was exposed to the vaccuum of space, and the crew and passengers were all killed. Nearly 5000 people, including 3000 Devuians, were killed immediately.

To date, no group has taken responsibility for the attack.


The Spirit of Kelora was considered a total hull loss, and the wreckage was towed to the breakers at Dakkus. The ship was dismantled and the materials re-used in other Dakkus-built ships, including the DFA Cromwell and the DFA Heimdall.

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