Starbase Phoenix Monthly Report - March 2008

Crew Roster: Position - Primary Character (Player)
CO - Captain Ssova tra'Fitz (Ken Denmead)
XO - Commander Nate Stoneham (Phil Bacon)
Chief of Security - Lt. Colonel Travian Loran (Dave Church)
Security Officer - Lt. Julianna Meade (June Swinford)
Chief Engineer - Lt. G'ldraarg (Will Benedetti)
Engineering - Lt. Ghor, son of Karg (David Morgan)
Chief Counselor - Lt. Commander Kia Bensu Travian (Engie Wessel)
CMO - Doctor Griffin Beck (Bill Lombardi)
Medical Officer - Doctor Elizabeth Bristol (Christina) *
EMH - Elias - (Melissa) *
Science Officer - Lt. Rhik Odemm (Jason Mohler)
Marine CO - Colonel Caleb Hidalgo (Dan Hidalgo)
Marine Chief of Security - Lt. (jg) Kolten Robinson (Marney Robinson)
MCO Assiatant - 2nd Lt. Brianna Skyler (Andi)
Civilian Police Chief - Constable Jo'Kahn - (Troy)
Mercenary - Jac Jawk (Dennis Faulkner)

Special Guests:
Civilian - Governor Tom Bateman (Tom Bateman)
Civilian - Ambassador Sam Bateman (Melissa)
Civilian - Tony Dark (Anthony Williams)

  • - denotes LOA (Leave of Absence)

Plot Summary:
In the battle in the asteroid belt, Commander Stoneham was able to switch his phaser to overload and jam it down the throat of the entity, now completely corporeal after consuming Major Scheele. Julianna Meade finally revealed the full details of her monther's atrocities and final death to Kia Bensu, who then started to help her find some balance with them. Bensu was also working to restore the memories of Moire Fletcher to the slave Cevon, resulting in Cevon running off in a panic. When confronted briefly by Ssova tra'Fitz, the Fletcher personality emerged for a moment, but then disappeared back into Cevon.

Governor Bateman's visit to Phoenix continued, with a speech on the Promenade, followed by what might have been an assasination attempt in the lobby of the Delta that was foiled by the appearance of Tony Dark. When word got around of Dark's presence on Phoenix, tra'Fitz insisted that Dark be turned over to the Federation. But after initiating a communications blackout, tra'Fitz, Dark and the Batemans worked out a deal for Dark's freedom that included returning the Cromwell to the Federation.

And Shar Bensu made his move, turning the system against his daughter and her family. He had social services take her children and remand them to his custody. At month's end he was making his way to his ship to escape with them as all hands turned to stop him…

DS Comments:
A good month with lots of good posting. Everyone has jumped on the governor's coattails and is having fun.

March: 205
February: 185

Council Reps:
CO - Ken (non-voting)
XO - Phil
Player Rep - Engie
Player Rep - Will
Player Rep - Andi

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