Omicron/Dakkus Space Race

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The Omicron/Dakkus Space Race, to be held August 24th, 2408, is a multi-leg space rally event. The race is sponsored by Dakkus Shipbuilding commemorate their purchase of the Omicron Shipyards.

The race will span several sectors, and include both warp and sublight speeds, as well as an atmospheric flight section through the magnificent Clark Canyons on Mendas. The race will begin with a parade of racers from Starbase Phoenix, and the race will officially start the Omicron Shipyards, loop around Starbase Phoenix, into the atmosphere on Mendas, travel through the Cardea Gateway, traverse the treacherous Mohler Asteroid Field, round Starbase Horizon, and finally terminate at the Dakkus Shipyards.

This years Grand Marshall will be none other than Borderlands Chairman and Captain's Log co-Host, Dave Church.

Pre-race activities will include a pilot's conference at the luxurious Delta Hotel and Casino at Starbase Phoenix.

Racers currently scheduled to compete:

#56 Bobby Lee Bernard
#23 Miles "Blitz" McCormac and Alex Ward
#99 Ricar Liurai
#44 Alina Manxome
#35 Hans-Jürgen von Falkehausen
#0.5 Mini Marney
#73 Jacobsen Sharraurd
#21 Dejah Trizcz and Chris Hartley
#01 Adiann and Hadrian Yan'Pek, and "Twitch"
#05 Peter Andrews
#02 Gerardo Verkman

Rules and information can be found here.

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