Shurka Tisha

Born in 2382 on Bajora, Shurka Tisha (Tisha) is the only daughter of Vedek Shurka Liam and Shurka Mara. Raised in relative luxury, she devoted equal amounts of time to her studies, at which she excelled in literature and the arts, and martial arts training. Although the martial arts training began as a mere form of exercise, as she entered adolescence Tisha became exceedingly skilled, and moved to study different branches of self defense. Entering the Academy at the age of eighteen after a relatively peaceful and sheltered childhood, Tisha quickly opted to pursue her prowess at physical combat and become a marine. Her preferred method of defense is Shotokan Karate. (Played by Abby)


Upon graduation, she received her first assignment as part of a standard marine deployment to the Mars colony. Although not a particularly exciting post, she quickly proved herself through her skills as a martial artist and a levelheaded officer, gaining recognition in the eyes of her superiors.

On-duty, Tisha is a hard core officer, taking all aspects of being a marine with utter seriousness, but off-duty she is a friendly person, always putting those around her at ease with her gentle manners and agreeable nature. She is, to the soul, a simply nice person with no bad intentions towards anybody. It is next to impossible to dislike her; she is almost constantly smiling, tends to inspire protectiveness in those close to her, and will never seek nor encourage conflict of any sort. The only people who generally have a problem with her are cynics, who are bothered by her unshakable contentment with life.

She is 5’7” tall, has dirty blonde hair, and deep brown eyes. Her lean build is slim, but strong. While not immediately stunning, she possesses an understated beauty that draws men to her, though she had very little experience with any sort of romance. Tisha will never be seen in any sort of clothing that is less than modest, and is given to very elegant, conservative styles.

Out of the Academy, she was shortly stationed on Mars before transferring to the USS Discovery as MXO under then-Captain Jaurel Tarsus. Several months later she took on the role of acting CoS before transferring once again off of the Discovery.

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