Species: Ocampan
Birthdate: 2392.12.09
Ocampan Age: 2
Gender: Female
Hair Color / Style: Neck length spiky / Blonde / Black
Eye Color: Dark Blue
Height: 5' 3" / 1.60m
Weight: 112lbs / 50.9kg
Ability: Empathic, Telepathic – not developed

Distinguishing Features and Characteristics

Shauna wears lenses on her eyes; she was born early and with poor eyesight. Her parents were unable to have her eyes treated by a professional doctor, the doctor they did have, crafted lenses for her to wear. When Shauna became a year old (Ocampan years) she was lucky enough to be prescribed with a lens to put on the actual eye by a trained physician in the Delta Quadrant. The lens is not noticeable to the naked eye, but it makes her eye colour dark blue. Shauna has striking blonde hair – uncommon for the Ocampa. She always hides one eye behind her hair; the style varies from day to day.

Shauna is shy and obedient, she has the ability to read peoples feelings, and often finds herself struggling to try and block her empathic ability.

Personal Profile

Shauna – though very young, has the ability to prove herself to her limits. She can keep up with her superiors, despite her age. She is kind and always wants to make other happy over her own happiness. She aims to please and would lay down her life for anyone who would earn her trust. Shauna is very closed off about her own life but will let others open up to her.


Shauna was born early to parents Mika and Sal. Shauna stayed with her parents for only a short time when she was growing up. Her parents were poor and hoped if they sent their daughter out into the Alpha Quadrant someone would be able to provide for her and give her a better life than she would have with them. So Shauna was placed on a cargo ship headed for the Alpha Quadrant, with only a small bag of belongings and bunch of dreams in her pocket.

Shauna fell from place to place around the Alpha quadrant until she was finally given to a family who put her up for selection to the Romulan Embassy as a slave to the Romulan Empire. It wasn’t long before Shauna was accepted and posted to the SES S’Task as a slave. She dreams of finding her salvation, and going home to find her parents.


2406.10: Assigned to SES S'Task, Ship Slave

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