Selvine (born ca. 2375) is an Ornaran female, location currently unknown. (Played by Abby.)


Early Life

Born on Ornara, in her late teens Selvine left home to study at the Vulcan Insitute of Military Science. She majored for several years in military strategy before being reprimanded for her fiery attitude, disruptive behavior not being in keeping with the discipline typical of Vulcan. Exhibiting the very temper that had gotten her into trouble, though, she told the headmaster exactly where he could put his discipline, and quit.

As A Mercernary

For a while she served as a mercenary in various small skirmishes, never staying in one place for long. It was on one of these assignments that she met her later-to-be-CO, Korav ("Ghost Eyes"). Years later, while in the employ of mob boss Kam Loursnatch, she met Korav again and betrayed Kam to help the Axel escape with its payload. She went along with them as their new XO.

On the Axel

After the overturn of Kam Loursnatch, Selvine served as the XO of the Seiklon Axel for their ongoing mission of profiteering, often functioning as a personality counterbalance for Korav, until striking off on her own again late in 2408.

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