• - denotes LOA (Leave of Absence)

** - denotes AWOL (Absent Without Leave)
NPC- Secondary/alternate character


CO - Marney Robinson, Captain - Marney
XO - Sheila Bruce Foster, Commander - Gary
2O - Timar, Lt. Commander (NPC) - Marney


CO - Tamzin Richards, Major - Cat
XO - Mason Cale, 1LT - Carl


CO - Matthew H. McCain, Lieutenant - Timothy
XO - Ranan Kilbey, Lieutenant JG (NPC) - Gary


Acting CEO - Brill Jaro, Lieutenant JG (NPC) - Marney
Engineering Officer- Neal Thorp, Ensign - Frank

Research and Development - Athena Andrews, Lt. Commander - Becky


CMO - Rose McGregor, Lieutenant (NPC) - Hermione

Federation Health Clinic, CMO- Lenora Mara, Lieutenant - Hermione


CNS - Tea'nara, Lieutenant JG - Kara


COS - Open
Security officer - Valmar Kvaran, Lieutenant (NPC) - Gary
Security Officer - Michael Rousseau, Ensign - Geoff


COO - Open


CIO - Timar, Lieutenant Commander (NPC) - Marney


CSO - Open


Cameron West, bookstore owner - Melissa
Tia Kelly Taylor, on leave from SF (NPC) - Cat
Three of Ten, captured Borg (NPC) - Cat
Sebastian Walker, Master of Gabby Jane Freighter (NPC)- Michael
Gabby Lochnivar, owner of Gabby's restaurant - Michael

****PLOT SUMMARY*******

While the cast and crew of Horizon aren't currently embroiled in an
official plot, we did sweep up the remnants of the previous
Kenkath/Dust storyline. The lack of a plot did not translate, however,
into a lack of action. There are several very interesting subplots &
character development stories in motion and just about everyone's
involved in one or more of them. There's plenty of intrigue, drama and
humor for everyone.

A summary: dealing with IC deaths of two major players, assassination
attempts on the CO, pesky parents arriving unannounced, overcoming
post traumatic stress syndrome, budding romances and dissolving
relationships, dead Gorn and some sort of insidious shenanigans that
haven't been quite fleshed out yet, the continuing saga of
reverse-assimilation…and there's probably more.


We lost three players; on left on her own recognizance, another was
booted out and the last just sort of faded away (again). However,
we've gained two players. We welcomed returning Horizon vet Becky
(Athena and Tom) and rookie Michael (Thorpe).

The level of posting remains high, but it's the quality of posting
that's most impressive. It's truly a pleasure to serve on this DS.


As expected, we're down some since the Devu-weenie's left us, though
not nearly as much as I thought we'd be.

May: 269
April: 308

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