Horizon Monthly Report March 2008


  • - denotes LOA (Leave of Absence)

** - denotes AWOL (Absent Without Leave)

CMO - Rose McGregor, Lieutenant (NPC) - Hermione

Medical Officer- Natalya Tichenyanchova, Lieutenant JG - Vickie

Federation Health Clinic CMO- Lenora Mara, Lieutenant - Hermione


CNS - Tea'nara, Ensign - Kara


COS - Open
Security officer - Valmar Kvaran, Lieutenant (NPC) - Gary
Security Officer - Michael Rousseau, Ensign - Geoff


COO - Ranan Kilbey, Lieutenant JG (NPC) - Gary


CIO - Timar, Lieutenant Commander (NPC) - Marney


CSO - T'Pinnal, Ensign - Alice


Cameron West, bookstore owner - Melissa
Tia Kelly Taylor, on leave from SF (NPC) - Cat
Three of Ten, captured Borg (NPC) - Cat
Sebastian Walker, Master of Gabby Jane Freighter (NPC) - Michael
Gabby Lochnivar, owner of Gabby's restaurant - Michael
Devan Gorvock, Civilian - Stephen


The Talisman finished up its dual mission of recovering pilot LT (JG)
McCain and seizing the freighter Black Diamond, which was subsequently
towed back to Horizon. A subsequent investigation revealed that the BD
was no longer owned by the target of the Federation Investigation but
had been purchased by Gabby Lochnivar and given Devu registry. A
thorough search of the ship's databases uncovered information linking
its previous owner to violations of the Prime Directive in the Kenkath
System. Some of the crew members received a scare when they uncovered
a sealed crate containing a plasma mine.

Based on the evidence gathered, Captain Robinson organized a follow-on
mission in which most of Horizon's major PC's set off for the Kenkath
System in the Lexington. That mission is currently in its opening phase.

There are several excellent subplots going on; such as the continuing
saga of Three, who with the help of Dr. McGregor is morphing into
Kaylee. Counselor Tea'nara has her hands filled helping several crew
members through trying times. There are romances ending and others
beginning. Lots of excellent prose keeps things exciting.


There was a lot of activity throughout the Horizon realm during March.
From heavy posting in the official plot and numerous side threads to
nominating and voting on our picks for the posties – we were busy. We
picked up some new crew members and welcomed the return of some old
friends. We are continuing to build momentum. I foresee it continuing
to build into April. Certainly some of it is due to the prolific
writing of our Devu folks. We hope to maintain a close relationship
with them even though they are now officially a separate duty station.


March: 315
February: 310



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