Starbase Horizon

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This entry refers to the current Starbase Horizon. For information on the original base, see Starbase Horizon I.

Nestled in that precarious portion of space that comprises the Neutral Zone, Starbase Horizon stands at the edge of major change in the Delta Quadrant. A shining light of progress it inhabits the space above Devu I and Devu II, protecting the sector and furthering the goals of the Prime Directive.

Close to the Cardea Gateway, monumental in the signing of the Treaty of Horizon, home to the USS Lexington and the USS Talisman, Starbase Horizon supports a diverse population of Starfleet Officers, Federation Marines and civilians. A center of commerce and trade, Starbase Horizon stands as the beacon of change and new life in the Delta Quadrant.

Horizon is under the command of Starfleet Captain Marney Robinson.

In 2007, Starbase Horizon was the subject of Starbase Horizon--Borderlands Enduring Icon, an article in the Devu Sun Times Borderlands Series.

Starbase Horizon Personnel

Command Staff

CO - Captain Marney Robinson
XO - Commander Sheila Bruce Foster
Second Officer - Lieutenant Commander Timar

25th Marine Expeditionary Unit

CO - Major Tamzin Richards
XO - First Lieutenant Mason Cale

25th Tactical Fighter Wing

CO - Lieutenant Matthew H. McCain
XO - Lieutenant Junior Grade Ranan Kilbey


CO - Lieutenant Junior Grade Brill Jaro
Engineering Officer - Ensign Neal Thorp
Engineering Officer - Ensign Pawel Zaganski

Research and Development - Lieutenant Commander Athena Andrews


CMO - Lieutenant Rose McGregor

Federation Free Health Clinic, CMO - Lieutenant Lenora Mara


CNS - Ensign Andrei Vorobyov


COS - Open
Security Officer - Lieutenant Valmar Kvaran
Security Officer - Ensign Michael Rousseau


COO - Open


CIO - Lieutenant Commander Timar


CSO - Open
Science officer - Ensign Mai McCarther


Federation Ambassador - Yelad Cha'Yelsnia
Romulan Ambassador - Open
Cardassian Ambassador - Open


Cameron West - Owner of The Bookend
Tia Kelly Taylor - Owner of London Fashions
Three of Ten (Kaylee)
Sebastian Walker - Master of the Gabby Jane Freighter
Gabby Lochnivar - Owner of Gabby's Restaurant
Kang'Korra - Proprietor of Tuq vo' Nagh

Starbase Horizon Decks

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Starbase Horizon Statistics

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Starfleet 25th Marines

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