Star Base Horizon II Monthly Report: FEB 08

Council Reps:
Marney – CO
Gary – XO

  • - denotes LOA (Leave of Absence)

** - denotes AWOL (Absent Without Leave)
NPC- Secondary/alternate character


CO - Marney Robinson, Captain - Marney
XO - Sheila Bruce Foster, Lt. Commander - Gary
2O - Timar, Lt. Commander (NPC) - Marney


CO - Tamzin Richards, Marine Captain - Cat
XO - Open


CO - Ethan Hicks, Lieutenant - Anthony
XO - Open
Pilot- Matthew H. McCain, Lieutenant JG - Timothy


CEO - Open


CMO - Rose McGregor, Lieutenant (NPC) – Hermione
Federation Health Clinic, Lenora Mara, Lieutenant - Hermione


CNS - Tea'nara, Ensign - Kara


COS - Open
Security officer - Valmar Kvaran, Lieutenant (NPC) - Gary
Security Officer - Michael Rousseau, Ensign - Geoff


COO - Ranan Kilbey, Lieutenant JG (NPC) - Gary


CIO - Timar, Lieutenant Commander (NPC) - Marney


CSO - T'Pinnal, Ensign - Alice


Cameron West, bookstore owner - Melissa
Tia Kelly Taylor, on leave from SF (NPC) - Cat
Three of Ten, captured Borg (NPC) - Cat
Sebastian Walker, Master of Gabby Jane Freighter (NPC)- Michael
Gabby Lochnivar, owner of Gabby's restaurant - Michael
Devan Gorvock, Civilian - Stephen


Samantha Bateman, First Lady, Secretary of State (NPC) - Melissa
Jason and Luke Frost, Governor's bodyguards (NPC) - Melissa
Alexandra Paige, Chief of Staff - Kristyn**
Tom Bateman, Governor - Tom
Michelle Crawford, Military Advisor (NPC) - Tom
Tony Dark, unknown position - Anthony Williams

Post Frequency:
February 2008 - 310
January 2008 - 116
December 2007 - 197

Plot Synopsis:

The Talisman is sent out to rescue Lt JG McCain, who had been
captured by True Way during their attack on Horizon. He managed to
escape in a fighter. After McCain as successfully rescued, Talisman
was sent to the Stennis System to seize a freighter that was possibly
involved in some nebulous prime-directive violations. The Talisman
successfully completed this mission, though in a very heavy-handed
fashion. Further, it turned out that the ship is of DFA registry. At
a time when the Federation is trying to woo the DFA to closer ties,
this incident could be a show – stopper. As this plot continues to
unfold, expect it to branch off into several subplots.

Our Borg Captive has been successfully ‘de-Borged’ and is starting
the assimilation reversal process. Horizon security has been
contacted by a shady Ferengi informant who might have some
information that might lead Starfleet into something ‘big.’ Many rich
subplots and much character development posting continues to keep
Horizon interesting and lively.


We've made efforts to keep everyone active and involved. Also, we've
picked up a few new players and they are doing a great job. The level
of quality posting is high – it's been a lot to keep up with! Much of
it can be attributed to the Devu crew, though everyone's for the most
part been quite active. Alas, we've been separated from our long-term
partner Devu, though according to a recent exchange on the Horizon
LDRSHP Group, we're still on speaking terms. Perhaps we can
eventually work it out so we're friends with benefits?

On Devu II the "War on Dust" continues as does the saga of Tony Dark –
this has been covered under the Devu II DS report.



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