Samantha Montgomery-Bateman

Samantha Montgomery-Bateman is currently working as the Secretary of State for Devu II. She was selected by Governor Tom Bateman to serve in this position after the 2407 gubernatorial elections.

Early Years

Samantha Montgomery-Bateman was born Samantha Howard on November 21, 2366. Raised in Boston Massachusetts on Earth by prominent businessman John Howard, and devoted philanthropist, Theresa Howard, Samantha also has an older brother Nathaniel, and a younger brother Thomas. Her younger years were spent attending the Westen Academy for Girls in upstate Massachusetts.

Starfleet Career

Samantha Montgomery-Bateman entered Starfleet Academy in the fall of 2382. She entered with a strong background in political science and was well known for her activism both on campus and in the surrounding area. After graduating from the Academy in 2386, Montgomery-Bateman was commissioned as an Ensign in the Federation Diplomatic Corps and transferred to the USS Emily Dickinson.

Her service on the Dickinson began an illustrious Starfleet career. She served as an ambassadorial aide on the USS Dickinson before returning to earth and completing her graduate work in Political Science. After graduating she was offered a teaching position at the Academy and for several years was Chair of the Political Science Department. After ten years of teaching, Montgomery-Bateman returned to the Federation Diplomatic Corps.

After the 2399 Treaty of Horizon, Samantha Montgomery-Bateman accepted the position of Chief of Staff on ch'Rihan. She served in that capacity for several years before being appointed Federation Ambassador to ch'Rihan. While serving as the Federation Ambassador on ch'Rihan, Montgomery-Bateman worked to improve Romulan-Federation ties. Montgomery-Bateman spent the majority of her time on ch'Rihan fighting for sentient rights and universal suffrage for Rihannsu slaves.

In 2405, Samantha Montgomery-Bateman was promoted to Captain and transferred to Starbase Horizon where she served as the commanding officer. Montgomery-Bateman served as the commanding officer of Starbase Horizon for nearly two years, before being transferred to the Federation Embassy on station. Returning to the role of Federation Ambassador, Samantha Montgomery-Bateman was a key negotiator in the Cardassian-Federation cease fire agreement of 2407, which effectively ended the Cardassian War.

Samantha Montgomery-Bateman resigned her commission to Starfleet in 2407, after which she retired to Devu II.

Political Career

With a strong sense of civic duty, Samantha Montgomery-Bateman was not able to remain idle either in retirement or in Devu II politics for long. Late in 2407, Samantha Montgomery-Bateman was offered the position of Secretary of State by newly appointed Governor, Tom Bateman.

During her diplomatic interactions with the people of Devu II, she fell in love with the hard working spirit and devotion to a better tomorrow embraced by all Devu citizens. In her first term as Secretary of State, Montgomery-Bateman has already proven to be an ardent Devu advocate and has become one of Devu's and the Delta Freedom Alliance's strongest champions.

Personal Life

Samantha Howard married Brian Montgomery, Chief Engineer on the USS Dickinson, in 2387. The birth of their son, Edward, completed her family. Unfortunately, Brian Montgomery was killed in action in 2388.

Samantha Montgomery-Bateman is currently married to Governor Tom Bateman.

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