Saeihr i'Ra'tleihfi t'Khnialmnae

Species: Romulan
Birthdate: 09.11.2875
Gender: Female
Hair Color: Black
Eye Color: Dark Brown
Height: 5' 6" / 1.71m
Weight: 105lbs / 48.0kg
Birthplace: Ra'tleihfi, ch'Rihan

Distinguishing Features and Characteristics

Saeihr is oddly unique in that she has no particularly distinguishing physical characteristics, although she has a decent figure and an attractive face, most of her features run to the median accepted norms for Rihanssu. While the downside to this is that, it is occasionally is responsible for Saeihr going somewhat unnoticed, the benifits of going unnoticed, can at times, be just as great.

Personal Profile

Saeihr was born to a house that has been affilliated to many who have come to power in the past and her house name is fairly well recognized. Though her house has seen better days and greater power, most still tend to think favorably of the House-Khnialmnae whose contributions to the Empire have been a matter of small record over past times. most of her house lives in the area in and about the Capitol city of ch'Rihan and while few have held seats of power in the upper or lower Senate, they have brokered or arranged more political dealings than many senators ever will.

Saeihr has an active mind, often tackling more than one task at a time. Even while in a meeting, or when performing her work, she may be considering several other problems and working on their solutions. She uses this to her advantage in tackling engineering problems and in administrating her department, taking an active interest in new information all the time and making this ability work in her favor. She is, however, likely to downplay this if someone else mentions it to her, preferring to turn the subject to another topic.


In all of the time that Saeihr has been in the Imperial Navy, she has kept the constant goal of bringing favor to her house. She believes the she can best achieve her goal by making herself as valuable as possible to her command, thus improving the impression one will have of both herself and her house. Those raised in House-Khnialmnae are taught to honor Empire above House, but that House is the instrument for doing so. It is not surprising that she takes the same attitude with her shipboard position.

As an engineer, Saeihr has learned how nearly all shipboard systems work. She is qualified to stand nearly any watchstation, especially those involving Bridge duties. Saeihr always expects the best from those she works with, as well as from those who work for her and those whom she works for.

Saeihr has published several engineering papers that have brought credit to herself and her commanders in the past. She served a two year term at a repair facility where she learned the limits of what could be done to improve and upgrade ageing vessels of the fleet, while gaining first hand experience in the latest advances Empire had to offer in vesels being commissioned for both fleet and experimental purposes. She served for a time as Chief Engineer on her last vessel after the man who previously held that position was called to one of the border fleets due to a need for his skills in quantum physics and administration, to head a new propulsion facility being built there.

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