Riley Cassidy

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Date Of Birth: 2378.10.10
Place of Birth: Dublin, Ireland (Raised on Dante)
Height: 6’3”
Weight: 198
Eyes: Brown
Hair: Brown


Riley Allen Cassidy was the oldest of five children born to Sean and Teressa Cassidy. Sean became concerned about life on Earth and relocated the family to Dante. Sean Cassidy was a commercial freighter captain, and so occasionally took Riley with him on his journeys. Riley was very smart, learning new languages and picking up small skills from various worlds his father visited. His grandfather taught him the old art of boxing and all about ancient Earth history. By the time he was finished with high school, Riley knew he wanted to apply to the DFA. Riley took an appointment to the Vulcan Science Academy. Riley learned quickly, earning a double major in engineering and science. He excelled in temporal mechanics and strategy .He was accepted to Security training and his rapid progress was noted by DFA Intelligence.
Riley soon found himself working in Intelligence, training in hand to hand with Klingon instructors, learning emotional and mental discipline from Vulcans and basic survival skills. It was soon apparent that Riley would become involved in field work. Riley’s early work during these years remains classified. It was shortly after Riley was assigned to analysis work in the Cardassian section. Riley was a very promising analyst, and quickly moved back on to the field work section. Ensign Cassidy became involved in several undercover assignments traveling on various Federation vessels and working in a variety of situations.
Riley soon found himself asked to obtain documentation on certain, special projects Section 31 was working on. This earned him the rank of Lieutenant( jg). After a period of proving himself and his loyalties again and again, Cassidy was promoted from Lt.(jg) to full Lieutenant. Riley was recently asked to meet with Cmdr. Lessa Anara to discuss assisting her on the DFA Cromwell.


Riley Cassidy is tall and well built, with a handsome look, and boyish charm. He is very in shape and keeps himself looking very neat if at all possible. He has dark eyes and hair. He is right handed, but is ambidextrous. He has a tattoo on his right shoulder of an old irish symbol and a tribal band on his right bicep.


Cassidy has the skill to control his emotion, but also the ability to blend in anywhere. He speaks a variety of languages, and his multitudes of training have given him a fair bit of knowledge on a variety of subjects. Cassidy is perceived as a hard-ass who is by the book, but actually he has quite a soft spot for children. Cassidy is an enthusiastic reader, diving into poetry, tech manuals, the news feeds and just about anything else he can get his hands on. He exercises quite regularly, and is very careful about what he eats. He doesn’t drink any form of alcohol. Riley has a great deal of self discipline.

He keeps a personal log and records in it almost daily. Because of his training Riley usually finds himself trying to get a feel for people. He has a quick and sharp mind, but sometimes tends to over think things. He has battles with depression and anxiety, possibly due to the things he witnessed at Section 31. Cassidy admits to having trouble sleeping. Cassidy is well trained in hand to hand and weapons combat. He has a very good understanding of science and engineering, and a bit of training in the forensic end of Security work. Cassidy has a very analytical mind, in part due to time spent as a section analyst for Intelligence.

Service Record

2378- Born Dublin, Ireland (Earth)
2383- Family moves to Dante
2394- Riley graduates high school. Applies to the Vulcan Science Academy.
2398- Graduates from the Academy with a double major Engineering & Science
2399- Enlists in Security service
2400- Recruited for Intelligence
2402- Finishes Intel training, Begins work as an analyst in the Cardassian section.
2403- Assigned to classified operations aboard Federation vessels.
2404- Promoted to Lt.(jg)
2406- Returns to analyst work, specializing in the Ferengi
2407- Made Section Chief, Promoted to full Lt.
2408- Becomes a trainer for the DFA Intelligence program
2408.9.1- Assigned to the DFA Cromwell as Executive Officer (XO)

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