Richard Getz

Richard Leonard Getz (August 23, 2346-Nov 24, 2399) was Governor of Devu II until his assassination in November of 2399. Cape Getz spaceport in Clari is named for Governor Getz.

Life and Career

Born on Rigel, Richard Getz rose to prominence as a businessman and deal-maker on Devu. The Getz Mining Corporation was a major factor in Devu's rise to power in the 2370s. In 2397 he was elected Governor of Devu II, replacing Haseeb Rafeek, who lost in a landslide decision.

Getz was known to be a shrewd businessman and politician. After the Invasion of 2399, Getz led the recovery efforts, paving the way for the cultural renaissance of the 2400s.


In 2399, a shuttle carrying Getz and several assistants, including Mounted Police Commissioner Deerek Tervil, vanished enroute to a trade conference in Diggerstown. While little information on the case was ever made public, the death was widely attributed to then Lt. Governor Fujimora. The case was investigated by future DMP Detective Chief Inspector Michelle Crawford.

In 2402, the remains of the shuttle were found, consisting largely of glass, fused metal, and a few strands of DNA. The DNA was conclusively identified as that of Governor Getz. No arrests were ever made.

Getz's term was completed by Governor Kyabri Fujimoro.

Personal Life

In 2370, Richard Getz married Elaine Markost, of Earth. After his death, Elaine Getz founded the political party People of the Federation, and became the main supporter for the first campaign of Governor Tom Bateman. Mrs. Getz became Lt. Governor of Devu II, and was herself assassinated in 2406 on the Spirit of Kelora massacre.

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