Rebecca Smyth

Species: Human
Born: January 2372
Gender: Female
Eyes: Deep Blue
Hair: Blond
Height: 5'5"
Weight: 120lbs
Birthplace: Klingon Colony

Distinguishing Features:

Has a 'get in my way and you won't live to see tomorrow' attitude when confronted with conflict. Smyth stands her ground, and makes sure everything is run smoothly


In 2371, Rachel Brook was working on the USS Ajax, where she was serving in the science department. Brook took a vacation where she met Simon Smyth. They had a whirlwind romance, and when she returned to duty, Brook discovered she was pregnant. She contacted Simon Smyth to inform him of what happened, but he clamed he wasn’t ready to be a father.

Brook chose to continue the pregnancy, and on January 23, 2372 Rebecca Smyth was born into this world. Their life together was very short when a group of pirates attacked the USS Ajax. Brook was killed in the attack, Smyth became under the guardianship of Starfleet. When Smyth turned one, they had located her father, and she was given over to him.

Simon, not sure of what to do with a child, continued on his way, attempting to take care of Smyth. When Smyth reached the age of 2 (2374), Simon had met another women, this time a Klingon.

Vixis took an interest in Smyth and her father. They had a relationship that lasted a little over six months, leaving Vixis pregnant. Vixis pleaded with Simon to leave Smyth with her to rise. After some discussion he agreed and went on his way. Vixis gave birth to Ragga (2374), Smyth’s half-brother shortly after. Vixis later won the grace and love of Kle’eg, and they were married (2376).

Shortly after Vixis marriage, came three more children, G'Vera (2378), Janar (2380), and Mara (2383). They were all raised in true Klingon fashion, training from a young age, and all importance on keeping the Honour of the house.


When Smyth turned 15, (2387) her father showed up again. Smyth made the decision to join her father, and travel the universe. From her father Smyth learned about engineering, and repair and upkeep of the shuttle. Simon found Smyth was learning a little too quickly, and soon became a handful with the trouble she would get into. Simon then encouraged Smyth to join SFA.

September of 2388 Smyth started her training at SFA. It was a rough for years, Smyth was constantly finding herself in trouble, and during her second year she got suspended for six months due to fighting.

During this time, Smyth got some advice from a close personal Klingon friend. He advised her to join the Marines. Smyth find this to be more appealing, and began to fast track through SFA by taking extra classes to make up for the six months she missed.

Smyth finished SFA and joined the marines (2392.) After completing basic training, Smyth worked her way up from Private (2394), to Sergeant (2397). Smyth spent her time as a drill sergeant, and her vacation time helping her brothers run crusades.

In 2393 one big event in Smyth’s life, the birth of her first niece Alexandria. Ragga wanted his daughter to have a proud human name, and named her after Alexander (Alex) the Great. After the birth of Alex, Ragga married her mother Lursa.


2397 brought a visitor of Kle’eg to Smyth. He had a proposal for her, Ragga had disowned his want to lead Kle’eg’s house, and the responsibility fell upon Smyth. Kle’eg wanted Smyth to give up her clam on the house so it could be passed onto G’Vera. Smyth agreed under three conditions, the first; she wanted full guardianship of Alex. The next two items were to insure Alex’s inheritance, the first being Vixis’s Jinaq, and Kle’eg’s bat’leth, which had been passed down the family line for 10 generations.

In 2399 Smyth was assigned to Horizon, and begin her career as an officer. There she served under a few different commanding officers in the marines, one a John Henry Bearkiller, who also began her long time love interest.

The winter of 2399 brought a visitor to Smyth, Alex, her niece. Smyth took her in, and began to raise Alex. Smyth did looking into what had happened. Her mother finally told her the story. The beginning of the year, Lursa believed she was expecting another child. Ragga became angry, and wanted her to end the pregnancy. Lursa refused, and Ragga killed her in a fit of rage. Vixis felt Alex’s life was in danger, and sent her to Smyth. Ragga’s brothers tried to help out, but General K’tur killed Ragga.

2399.09.01 Smyth was promoted to Captain, and Assigned to Commanding Officer of the 25th marines. She ended the year as Major Rebecca Smyth. Smyth ran the marine core with great strictness, but also compassion for her fellow officer, and enlisted men.

Alex ran away for the first time in 2401, aboard the SUSQUEHANNA. This caused an inquest by child services, after a few calls from Ambassadors, embassy leaders and commanding officers, Alex was placed back into Smyth’s custody, but a hearing and disciplinary action was implemented.

In 2403.05.01 Smyth was promoted to Lieutenant Colonel. She continued to serve as CO of the 25th, raising Alex with the help of Bearkiller, and the McKenzies.

2404.05 brought the destruction of Horizon, and the loss of Smyth's close friends the McKensies. This also brought close to a part of her life Smyth never thought would end, her relationship with John Henry.

In 2405 Smyth left Horizon to take over Marine base CAMBRIDGE. She also married her short term romance Scott Pacmeyer.

2372- Rebecca Smyth, Birth
2372- Rachel Brook, Death
2374- Ragga, adopted son of Kle’eg, Birth
2376- Vixis marriage to Kle’eg
2378- G’Vera daughter of Kle’eg, Birth
2380- Janar, son of Kle’eg, Birth
2383- Mara, daughter of Kle’eg, Birth
2393- Alexandria (Alex), daughter of Ragga, Granddaughter of Kle’eg, Birth
2394- Ragga marriage to Lursa
2396- G'Vera marriage to Eragh
2397- Drex son of Eragh, Birth
2399- Porus son of Eragh, Birth
2399- Lursa, wife of Ragga, Death
2400- Smyth officially adopts Alexandria
2400- Ragga, son of Kle’eg, Death (murder)
2400- Janar marriage to Kellein
2401- Mara marriage to M'Rel
2401- Ba’el daughter of Eragh, Birth
2401- Koronin daughter of M’Rel, Birth
2402- Surgh son of Janar, Birth
2403- Kelly daughter of M’Rel, Birth
2404- Kulge son of Janar, Birth

StarFleet Service Record

2399.01.01 Arrived, Starbase Horizon
2399.06.01 1LT Smyth led an Advanced Recon mission to explore Sierra Omega 197
2399.09.01 Promoted to Captain, SMFC
2399.09.01 Assigned Commanding Officer, 25th Marine Expeditionary Force
2399.12.01 Promoted to Major, SFMC
2403.05.01 Promoted to Lieutenant Colonel

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