Ranan Kilbey

Species: Human
Birthdate: 2372.01.04
Gender: Male
Hair Color: Brown
Eye Color: Brown
Height: 5' 11'' / 1.80m
Weight: 186 lbs / 84.37 kg
Birthplace: Luna, Sol System

Distinguishing Features and Characteristics

Kilbey is a pretty average looking guy. He’s athletic but not overly muscular. He has no living family and his main source of amusement outside of Starfleet is hiking, mountaineering and spelunking. He is quite wealthy, even by the ‘no one wants for anything’ standard of the Federation. He doesn’t flaunt his fortune, however, and lives a fairly austere life.

Family and Personal History

Ranan Kilbey was born in 2372 on Luna in the Sol System to parents Merrick Alphonse and Lorelei Asher-Kilbey. His father worked for Interstellar General Mining Services and before Ranan was a year old, he was transferred to Interstellar’s operation on Midos V. Within a few years Merrick had risen through the ranks to become a senior field supervisor for the company. Lorelei took on a job at the company’s site HQ as personal assistant for Merrick’s boss. By the time Ranan was six years old; his parents had amassed a considerable nest egg, one which Ranan would later inherit.

Ranan had a lonely childhood. Though his parents were beneficent and spared what time they could, both were extremely busy with their duties at Interstellar. As such, from a young age Ranan spent a lot of time alone. When not in the company-run school, he was at home at the Kilbey’s large estate outside of Interstellar Camp, the town that sprung up around the mining operation. The area in which Ranan lived enjoyed a relatively mild climate (Seattle without as much rain) which was conducive to his developing a love for the outdoors. Before he was 12 he’d already become a handy outdoorsman. But it was not long after his 12th birthday when his future course was set.

In 2384, Starfleet set up a temporary fighter training facility on Midos V less than 20 Km from Interstellar Camp. They chose the location so as to mitigate the need to build up massive support facilities and because of the great expanse of non-settled land – that featured a plethora of terrain types – allowed them room for training missions. Fortune would have it that the hastily erected fighter hangar sat on a piece of land adjacent to the Kilbey estate.

It wasn’t long before young Ranan ingratiated himself with the pilots. At first, he used to lean against the fence separating his family’s land from the compound and watch the operations in awe. Later, one of the pilots started talking to him. Before long the group picked up the precocious lad as sort of a mascot. They let him into their group and gave him odd jobs helping out around the hangar. Though Ranan had really never bonded with anyone else – including his family – the group of pilots quickly became his surrogate family.

They fostered in him a love of aviation. From them he learned various facets of fighter piloting – Starfleet style. As he grew older he became a fixture at the base – it was he who remained while pilots cycled in and out of the facility. Finally, when he was 16 years old, Commander Burly Jenkins – the training center CO at the time, he decided on a Starfleet career.

Ranan wasn’t the greatest of students but Jenkins tutored him in the hard, technical subjects he’d need to master before going to academy. By the time Ranan had finished high school, he’d become very good at the math and sciences needed to pursue an academy education in aerospace sciences, which he’d need to become a pilot.

Unfortunately, a week after his 18th birthday, the base was shut down and within a month it was completely dismantled. When the last fighter flew away, there was no trace left of the facility. Ranan was crushed, but Jenkins told Ranan that he would stay in contact.

Ranan applied for the academy several times but was passed over. He decided to pursue his degree as a civilian. Five years later, at the age of 23, Ranan graduated from the Midos V technical college with degree in-hand. He was finally selected for academy study but unforeseen family problems caused him to have to scrap his plans.

Merrick found out that Lorelei had been engaged in a long running extra-marital affair with his boss. When Merrick confronted him, heated words led to physical contact and Merrick was arrested for battering his boss. He was fired from the company. With no further reason to stay on Midos V, he and Lorelei divorced and he headed back to Luna with his large fortune in hand. Ranan chose to follow him and the two lived together in a small flat in the south corridor of Luna City.

Ranan’s father’s health started to fail, due mostly to his years in the mines. Though they had all the money they could ever need, Ranan refused his father’s insistence that they live off it and instead worked various jobs to support them. During this time he met his first love Erendira. She was a first year medical school student.

The two remained together until she finished her schooling. Ranan helped her along as he supported his ailing father. They had planned to marry but she had been offered a lucrative position working for a clinic out in deep space. They parted amicably but Ranan was heart-broken. Two years later, in 2401, Ranan’s father passed away. He called his mother to tell her and that was the first time he’d spoken to her since they left Midos V years before.

With nothing left, he gave the academy one more shot. Though he was much older than most cadets, he was accepted into the aerospace sciences program and after his first year was picked up for the pilot program. All went well through the beginning of his senior year. That’s when he and his student flight-leader got into a row at an unauthorized, off-duty party. Both were intoxicated and began fighting. Ranan broke the other student’s hand in the row – ending his plans to fly fighters.

Ranan was punished but not kicked out of academy. Instead, he was banned from being put on flight status for five years, though he’d pretty –much completed the fighter pilot training. Upon graduation, though he made ensign, he was stripped of academic honors, placed on probationary status and assigned to Starbase Horizon II as an operations officer.

Since being assigned to Horizon he’s been involved in several incidents. On the day after he first arrived he was thrust into an investigation of an attempt by outside forces to hijack Horizon’s computer to cover up a plot to use the base as a staging area for the building of a bomb to use against Devu. During this time, while engaged in official duties, he was also involved in an incident in which he was attacked by a shady Ferengi Operative who had connections with both Section 31 and Admiral Delacroix, who would later initiate courts martial against then Horizon CO Samantha Montgomery.

For a while he was involved in an on-again, off-again relationship with former security officer Tia Taylor. This relationship eventually ended with the two parting less than amicably. Ranan was promoted to LT JG and took over the COO billet after the Captain Montgomery’s court martial was concluded.

Not long thereafter, Ranan was informed of his mother’s death and took emergency leave. He spent a month on Midos V clearing up family affairs there. Upon return to Horizon, he played a small part in the defense of Horizon against the True Way attack and was wounded a second time while trying to apprehend a True Way Operative. Kilbey remains Horizon’s COO.

Decorations and Commendations

Combat Injury Ribbon x 2

Starfleet Service Record

8/2302 – 6/2306: Starfleet Academy, 6 month probationary posting to ensign. Qualified to fly all Starfleet fighter types but banned from flight status for 5 years as part of probation.
7/2306 – 6/2307: Operations Officer, Starbase Horizon II
7/2407: Chief of Operations, Starbase Horizon II

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