Race Competitors Gearing Up


STARBASE PHOENIX.—With the Delta Quadrant’s biggest ever Space Rally race just a week away, Bobby Bernard is a wanted man. As the 2408 Space Race points leader, Bernard has a giant target on his back, and no shortage of other racers waiting to stick it to him. As the field readies for the first ever Omicron/Dakkus Rally, Bobby Bernard is ready to take on the challengers.

“Scared? I ain’t scared of nobody but myself.” And he’s right to be scared of himself. He’s wrecked eleven times this season, nearly caused a war with the Romulans, and killed two crew chiefs in unrelated accidents. Still, he considers himself ready to race his way. “First or last,” he says. “Either I cross the line first, or not at all. That’s my style, man. That’s Team Disney Racing, baby.”

Like it or not, it’s a style that’s put him in the lead, making him the winningest pilot this year. But the brand new Omicron/Dakkus Rally is going to be a real challenge, and there are some strong competitors for Bernard. At the top of that list is Hans-Jürgen von Neue Falkehausen, who, true to his racing history, is here to win. Coming from open-wheel racers to fully encapsulated spacers is a big step for the ancient wheelman, but he’s prepared to give it his best shot. “Bernard is a buffoon,” he says in a heavy German accent, “and I will crush him like a little bug under my magnificent steel-toed jackboot.”

Also making an attempt is newcomer Alina Manxome, a rookie who will attempt her first long-distance race. “There’s a lot riding on this one,” she says with a nervous laugh. She’ll have her work cut out for her, though, alongside another relative newcomer, Ricar Liurai. Liurai, a Starfleet Marine Colonel, will race in a SFMC-sponsored racer. “I’ve always been addicted to speed,” he explains, “and now I’m getting a chance to really push it to the limit.”

Still, Bobby Bernard isn’t scared. “I’m out here for one person,” he tells us, “and that’s me, Bobby Bernard. And I’m out here for out reason, and that’s to git’r done. And if the Lord Baby Jesus is with me, I’ll kick everybody’s butt.”

Or die trying.

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