Pijus Otner

Species: Trill
Age: 29
Gender: Male
Hair Color: Brown
Eye Color: Dark Brown
Height: 6' 0" / 1.83m
Weight: 176lbs / 80kg
Birthplace: Trill


Mother: Elzbieta Otner (Unjoined Trill); Musician
Father: Bejal Otner (Joined Trill, Wormhole Scientist, Deceased)
Brother: Jonas (1st brother / 2nd child); Federation Starship Engineer (Erein)
Sister: Viera (1st sister / 3rd child); Executive Director for a beverages company
Brother: Paulius (2nd brother / 4th child); 3rd Level Studies (Physics)
Brother: Karolis (3rd brother / 5th child); 3rd Level Studies (Pedagogy)

Distinguishing Features and Characteristics

Pijus keeps his brown hair short, and his dark brown eyes are hardly noticeable. His height and weight are also standard. He likes to smile a lot, and his almost too white teeth tend to distract people who are not used to them.

In battle situations or red alerts he will still dress in a Non-Commisioned-Officer uniform and do his duties there. In all other situations, he prefers to dress in Trill style with, maybe, and Embassy sign somewhere. He prefers a direct approach to people instead of writing too many reports, and is sometimes seen in Science or Astrometrics Labs.

Personal Profile

From a very young age, Pijus has been interested in alien lifeforms, their culture and behaviour towards the universe. Pijus made a great effort to gain the favor of the Symbiosis commission, and his two university degrees in dissimilar fields reflect this. In his thesis he pointed out several connections between his two subjects. He used to say that Robotics and Cybernetics are a way to understand the culture of Androids, and therefore should count as Anthropology anyway. Since university he had planned to work for the Diplomatic Corps, but a few assignments have given him experience in Military and Scientific Affairs.

Later, when his interests moved towards astroscience because of his symbiont, he developed a greater interest for the Rihannsu, especially because of their naming of a sentient universe. He had his first job as a cultural attache on an Embassy of a Romulan Starbase, and now has his first chance to lead an Embassy on his own. When people wonder how he could be ambassador with an age below thirty, he would say: ‘Even though S’Task is the flagship of the Delta Quadrant, I’m only Ambassador to 2000 people. It’s not like I have something to say on ch’Rihan or Earth.’


While some people may consider his background as diverse, he himself considers it to be ‘shaken’. His father married a younger ‘music star’ when he was over fourty. Because he considered himself to be retired, this lead to an unusually large number of children, all of them brought up on the Mindaugas mountain pastures. So Pijus had his first level education there.

Trill who are interested to be considered by the Symbiosis Commision usually take some ‘assignment years’ whenever the education allows it. Pijus was only 10 when he ran errands for the excavation site of Nystadt. After a year of this, he started his 2nd level education, hundred miles from home, in Talivaldis, the nearest city in the lowlands. His intellect was higher than the requirements of this small school, so he finished it one year early. Then again, following the call of the Commision, he spent a year of military training on the Cliffs of Tenara.

He received his 3rd level education in the Ganses University on the Ganses Peninsula. After six years he was awarded two degrees: The first in Anthropology, this consisted of a mix of Politics, Languages and Religion. His second degree was in Computer Science, where he specialized in Robotics and Cybernetics.

After the university, the call of the Commision sent him back to the mountain pastures of Mindaugas, where he taught Languages and Religion in first level schools. During that time his father died, and he gained permission to join with the Otnar symbiont. Some signature meant that he had to join the Marines on a Federation Vessel, and he was assigned to the USS Nelson, an Intrepid class light cruiser. While he had not much chance to train his intellect in that time, this at least meant he stayed in shape. He had good connections to a Vulcan woman, a Science Officer by the name of T’Tsalea. Neither her nor Pijus would consider this more than a friendship, but rumors about a romance began to spread.

He tried to get into the Federation Diplomatic Corps, and therefore had to specialize in a culture. He quickly decided to extend his Rihannsu studies in Romulan space, on the planet Jullheh. After that his application to the Diplomatic Corps was signed, and he received a small job at the Romulan Starbase aedhai’Jaeih, as cultural advisor and secretary for the Federation Ambassador.

Pijus quickly found out that there was not much chance of advancement under the El-Aurian Ambassador, and agreed to be assigned as Non Commissioned Officer to the USS Nelson again, this time to the department of his choice: Science, with his friend Lieutenant t’Tsalea.

Finally, in 2407, he had the opportunity to be in charge of an Embassy of his own. He quickly took the assignment to head the Embassy on the Romulan Starship S’Task.

Education (Special Knowledge):

Anthropology: Politics, Languages and Religion
Computer Science: Robotics and Cybernetics
Languages: Trill, Federation Standard, Rihannsu, Vulcan
Non Commissioned Officer and Military Training to the rank of Senior Chief Petty Officer
Rihannsu Studies
Joined Knowledge: El-Aurian Language, Physics (Wormholes), Astroscience (Astronomy, Cosmology, Stellar Cartography), Engineering (Gravity, Atmospheric, Lifesupport)

Promotional Background

2396.08: Private (Assignment to the Trill Planetary Army – Tenera Division)
2397.07: Private 1st Class (Assignment ended)
2403.07: Rank upgraded to Lance Corporal (due to joining)
2404.08: Corporal (Assigned to the Marines on USS Nelson)
2405.07: Sergeant (Assignment ended)
2405.08: Petty Officer 1st Class (Assignment for a year to aedhai’Jaeih, Diplomatic Corps)
2406.08: Chief Petty Officer (Assigned to Science on USS Nelson)
2407.07: Senior Chief Petty Officer (Assignment ended)
2407.10.25: Assigned Ambassador/Consulate Duties to the S’Task


2378.01.31: Birth on Trill
2383.10 - 2387.06: First Level Education in the mountain pastures of Mindaugas (Age 5 - 9)
2387.08 - 2388.07: Science Assignment: Excavation site of Nystadt
2388.10 - 2395.06: Second Level Education on the Lowland city of Talivaldis; finished one year early (Age 10 to 17)
2395.08 - 2396.07: Military Assignment: Cliffs of Tenara
2396.10 - 2402.06: Third Level Education on the Ganses Peninsula (Anthropology: Politics/Language/Religion; Computer Science: Robotics/Cybernetics (Age 18 to 24)
2402.08 - 2403.07: Social Assignment: 1st Level Teaching in the mountain pastures of Mindaugas
2403.07: Joining with the Otnar Symbiont after the death of his father (Age 25)
2403.08 - 2404.07: Federation Assignment: USS Nelson; Marine Department
2404.10 - 2405.06: Rihannsu Studies in Romulan Space on the planet Jullheh (Age 26)
2405.08 - 2406.07: Federation Assignment: Cultural Attache to the Federation Embassy on the Romulan Starbase aedhai’Jaeih
2406.08 - 2407.07: Federation Assignment: Nelson; Science Department USS Nelson (Age 28)
2383.10 - 2387.06: Federation Assignment: Ambassador to the Federation Consulate on the Romulan Starship S’Task (Age 29)

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