Crew Roster:

Position - Primary Character (Player)


CO - Captain Ssova tra'Fitz (Ken Denmead)
XO - Commander Nate Stoneham (Phil Bacon)


Chief of Security - Lt. Colonel Travian Loran (Dave Church)
Security Officer - Lt. Julianna Meade (June Swinford)

Civilian Constable - Constable Jo'Kahn - (Troy)


Chief Engineer - Lt. G'ldraarg (Will Benedetti)
Engineering - Lt. Ghor, son of Karg (David Morgan)


Chief Counselor - Lt. Commander Kia Bensu Travian (Engie Wessel)
CMO - Doctor Griffin Beck (Bill Lombardi)
Medical Officer - Doctor Elizabeth Bristol (Christina) *
EMH - Elias - (Melissa) *


Science Officer - Lt. Rhik Odemm (Jason Mohler)

26th Marine Expeditionary Force

Marine CO - Colonel Caleb Hidalgo (Dan Hidalgo)
MCO Assistant – 1st Lt. Brianna Skyler (Andi)

  • - denotes LOA (Leave of Absence)

Plot Summary:
The Science expedition that is stationed on the small dyson sphere found by the Phoenix team in 2405 has come upon an important discovery and have sent a request for additional personnel to help them wrap their heads around it. Phoenix has sent a small team of Scientists and Engineers to the sphere – designated DS-402 – to assit the established team in its task.

Captain tra'Fitz and the Travian/Bensu family prepare for their cramped voyage to Bajor. Local thugs stir things up on the Promenade. And 1st Lt. Skyler is undergoing some leadership tests on The Rock, under Colonel Hidalgo's supervision.

DS Comments:
Posts are down more than 50% from April. Real life has hindered Ken and Phil, making for lackluster posting numbers. I've assumed the XO role and have begun to push the new plot and am hoping to stir up some more life on PX.


May: 114
April: 288
March: 205

Council Reps:

CO – Ken
XO - Dan
Player Rep - Will
Player Rep - Andi

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