Starbase Phoenix Monthly Report - July

Crew Roster:
Position - Primary Character (Player)

CO - Captain Ssova tra'Fitz (Ken Denmead)
XO - Commander Nate Stoneham (Phil Bacon)

Chief of Security - Lt. Colonel Travian Loran (Dave Church)
Security Officer - Lt. Julianna Meade (June Swinford)
Civilian Constable - Constable Jo'Kahn - (Troy)

Chief Engineer - Lt. G'ldraarg (Will Benedetti)

Chief Counselor - Lt. Commander Kia Bensu Travian (Engie Wessel)
CMO - Doctor Griffin Beck (Bill Lombardi)*
Medical Officer - Doctor Elizabeth Bristol (Christina)*
Medical Officer - Ensign Andrew Varen (Dara)
EMH - Elias - (Melissa)


Science Officer - Lt. Rhik Odemm (Jason Mohler)

26th Marine Expeditionary Force

Marine CO - Colonel Caleb Hidalgo (Dan Hidalgo)*
MCO Assistant � 1st Lt. Brianna Skyler (Andi)

  • - denotes LOA (Leave of Absence)

Plot Summary:
While on a pleasant work/family trip to Bajor to return a lost Orb,
Security Chief Travian Loran has been kidnapped by a Pah Wraith cult
with unknown sinister intent. Meanwhile on the station, the S'Task is
stopping by to try and negotiate for the Federation EMH technology.
But will Riov i'Traan learn that his lost (and assumed dead) love
Moire Fletcher is on the station, still recovering from her
conditioning at the hands of the Tal Shiar? And if he does, will he
believe it? Stay tuned!

DS Comments:
We bottomed out in June, and things are starting to pick up again.
Limited crossovers with S'Task, and the upcoming space race are
helping, as well as the Bajor plot, and some other civvie stuff on the
Promenade. And we're welcoming two new players: Dara, and Lisa.

Dan Hidalgo has had to drop out for the foreseeable future, and so the
XO spot it temporarily open. However, plans are already in the works
for a replacement, who will be announced when the time is right.
In-story, Phil's character Nate is still XO.


July: 112
June: 100
May: 114

Council Reps:

CO � Ken
XO - (Temporarily Open)
Player Rep - Will
Player Rep - Andi

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