Starbase Phoenix Monthly Report - January/February 2008

Double report this month, since we missed last month. Extra long. Sorry.

Crew Roster: Position - Primary Character (Player)
CO - Captain Ssova tra'Fitz (Ken Denmead)
XO - Commander Nate Stoneham (Phil Bacon)
Chief of Security - Lt. Colonel Travian Loran (Dave Church)
Security Officer - Lt. Julianna Meade (June Swinford)
Chief Engineer - Lt. G'ldraarg (Will Benedetti)
Engineering - Lt. Ghor, son of Karg (David Morgan)
Chief Counselor - Lt. Commander Kia Bensu Travian (Engie Wessel)
CMO - Doctor Griffin Beck (Bill Lombardi)
Medical Officer - Doctor Elizabeth Bristol (Christina) *
EMH - Elias - (Melissa) *
Science Officer - Lt. Rhik Odemm (Jason Mohler)
Marine CO - Colonel Caleb Hidalgo (Dan Hidalgo) *
Marine Chief of Security - Lt. (jg) Kolten Robinson (Marney Robinson)
MCO Assiatant - 2nd Lt. Brianna Skyler (Andi)
Civilian Police Chief - Constable Jo'Kahn - (Troy)
Mercenary - Jax Jawk (Dennis Faulkner)

Special Guests:
Civilian - Governor Tom Bateman (Tom Bateman)
Civilian - Ambassador Sam Bateman (Melissa)
Civilian - Tony Dark (Anthony Williams)

  • - denotes LOA (Leave of Absence)

Plot Summary:
On the holodeck, the four Starfleet officers continued to be under seige by wild west holograms with the safeties off while outside, security worked to get them free. In Operatons, Lt. T'Nor discovered a strange anomoly with the wormhole and she and Commander Stoneham discovered that something inside the wormhole itself was causing the spatial anomaly in the holodeck. Taking a shuttle out, they encountered a device stuck in the wall of the hole itself. They tried to pull it free but ended up forcing it through the wall into subspace, presumably destroying it. The people on the holodeck were freed, but it turns out the entire situation was a distraction from a high-tech robbery in a Promenade casino.

The alien entity claimed a victim on the Promenade, spawning a jurisdictional confrontation between Major Scheele of the Marines and station security. Eventually the entity manifested inside Kia Bensu and attempted to devour the life force of her children. Bensu was subdued but not before the entity could escape her and take over Scheele, who left the station to return to the asteroid belt. Meanwhile, Stoneham was drawn out to the asteroids for a surprise vision from The Prophets, who told him to destroy the entity by bombarding it with the very energy that it lived off of. When February ended, Stoneham was struggling with the entity itself in a shuttlecraft, while Travian Loran and a squadron of fighters circled outside in case he failed.

Moire Fletcher was released from her cryotube and Bensu and Dr. Beck were brought in on the secret. Turns out Fletcher thinks she is a slave named Cevon, who had been sent to be Captain tra'Fitz's personal slave. Unable to restore her memory, tra'Fitz established her as his executive assistant and sent her to work in Operations. But she was unprepared for the real world and fled, leaving questions in the minds of everyone she met. Tra'Fitz has sent her to the counselor to try again to get her memory restored.

Finally, Governor Tom Bateman has arrived on Phoenix to make a bunch of public appearances. His arrival has sparked much interest and discussion (and a possible assasination attempt), as well as the arrival of Tony Dark and an A.I. that everyone had thought died in the destruction of Starbase Horizon years ago…

DS Comments:
An excellent couple months with lots of excitement and drama. Posting numbers were also the higest they've been since October.

February: 185
January: 173
December: 136

Council Reps:
CO - Ken (non-voting)
XO - Phil
Player Rep - Engie
Player Rep - Will
Player Rep - Andi

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