Peter Andrews

Peter Andrews

Age: 21

Gender: Male

Race: Human/Betazoid

POB: Risa

height: 6"0

weight: 12 stone

hair: Dark Brown

eyes: Blue

General appearence:

Peter is 6”0, with short, dark brown hair, and blue eyes. He has several features on him, which include a scar on his chest, and a red blemish, a birthmark, which he refuses to get removed. When he is off duty, he will wear civilian clothing, since he feels more comfortable in it. He uses his Betazoid abilities to give him an edge in certain critical situations, although he prefers not to have to use them if he can help it, since they remind him of his family.

Personal Profile:

Peter is brash, outspoken, and will stand up to people if he feels like he has to, which has gotten him into trouble on more than one occasion. He enjoys playing the violin, when he gets a chance to, and he enjoys a few extreme activities, including free climbing, and orbital skydiving. He also likes to go swimming. He will stand up for what’s right, which is why he first joined the rebel alliance, after he learned of the brutality of the Federation. He had a wife, but he has a daughter, Kimberly, now 7years old


Peter was born on Risa while his mother Kimberly Andrews, a human engineer, and father, James Andrews, a betazoid pilot, were on vacation. He grew up on earth with his family, which also included his younger brother Alex, and his aunt, Sharon Racktor, a Federation Captain.

As Peter grew up, he became more and more stubborn, and he was always willing to fight anyone who would hurt his brother. In one instance, he got into a brawl at school when he was ten, and although he ended up in the hospital with a broken arm, the other boy was treated for a broken nose, jaw and leg. When Peter was 13, his parents left earth with Alex to join the rebellion, but they couldn’t get Peter because of Sharon, who was, by then, a Federation Admiral, in Starfleet Intel. He moved to live with her, and continued studying at school, with Sharon ‘guiding’ him.

At the age of 17, he went on a climbing trip, and while there, he fell, and landed on a jagged rock. He survived, although the rock punctured his lung, but since his aunt was powerful, he was given a transplant almost straight away, and recovered, leaving just the scar.

When Peter was 18, he attended Starfleet academy, where he didn’t learn a lot of discipline, due to his aunt being an Admiral. In fact, he was treated well, and he even made a few friends, which included Alex Greystone and James Racktor. He also met Mariah Robinson, whom he started dating. However, their friendship was short lived when Alex and James decided to go to Beta Delta 5, a colony planet that James’s family lived on. Five days after they left, Peter and Mariah were told that the rebels had destroyed the planet, and Peter swore that he wanted to get revenge.

The following year, he and Mariah got married, which brought a pang of guilt to Peter, since James and Alex weren’t around to be the best men. However, when Peter graduated at the age of 20, he stayed on Earth for a year, until he was assigned to the USS Destroyer, which was being commanded by his aunt. It was that same year that Mariah gave birth to Kimberly, their daughter.

When Peter turned 22, he was sent a message by someone that claimed to be a friend that showed that it was the Federation that destroyed Beta Delta 5, because they were apparently helping the rebels. Peter did all he could to verify the tape’s authenticity, and when he did confirm it, he escaped from the Destroyer. Unfortunately, security officers captured Mariah and Kimberly before they could escape with him. Peter was told that if he rejoined the federation, they would be released. He wasn’t able to go back, however, but he did vow that he would have revenge on his aunt for lying to him.

After being with the rebels for barely a year, Peter was assigned to the RSS Cromwell, under the command of Captain Nok Lorith, where he waited for the chance to get his revenge, and to be reunited with his family.

During his time on the Cromwell, he was arrogant, and determined. He didn't make friends with several crewmembers, including the Marine CO, Major Warner. In fact, he and Warner were at blows often.

He also stole a shuttle, but was taken captive by the Investiture, and became a worker for them, against his will. He also came to blows with a Klingon named Garilon. Peter was retrieved by the Cromwell though.

Peter was eventually reunited with his wife and daughter, but Mariah died from being poisoned by his aunt, Sharon Racktor, who died shortly afterwards.

Not long after that, he and Kimberly left the Cromwell, and remained on Chetzia, raising her, and building a small, fast and powerful ship of his own. He always put Kimberly first.

When the chance of a space race came up, he and Kimberly went for it. Kimberly is his first mate, and he and her plan to win the race, to show that he is still the best pilot in the galaxy.

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