Peace Accord Reached, Federation Begins To Withdraw



After only one day of negotiations a cease fire agreement has been reached by the Federation, Romulan Star Empire and Cardassian Union, ending a two year conflict between allied Federation and Romulan forces and the Cardassians.

Although many questioned the speed in which the accord was reached, political analyst Joseph Fray believes that a quick agreement was inevitable.

“The Cardassians lost Starbase Phoenix as well as a few other key systems just weeks and days before the negotiations began. They didn’t enter talks with very strong political or military power to throw at the Federation or the Romulans.” Fray said, “and the Romulans are also in the middle of a very tumultuous internal conflict. It doesn’t surprise me at all that they decided to make compromises on the battle field to ensure that there would still be an Empire.”

When questioned about the Federation’s quick decisions regarding borders and systems, Fray said, “the people of the Federation were ready to withdraw from this conflict shortly after it started. The Cardassian war hasn’t been very popular with Federation citizens. To the average Joe this was and always will be a Romulan/Cardassian conflict.”

The President of the Federation also issued a statement, “The Federation entered the talks with the best interests of the Federation and her citizens in mind. Both the Federation council and myself stand behind Ambassador Montgomery and the outcome of the peace talks on Starbase Horizon.”

As a show of goodwill the Federation has already begun to return prisoners of war to Cardassian territory.

“We’re currently working on a plan to remove troops from hostile areas,” General Thompson said. “Three months to remove hundreds of thousands of troops, supplies and equipment from war zones will definitely be a logistical challenge, but we will meet the deadline.”

With the proverbial ink on the agreement still wet, it will be difficult to foresee the outcome of the negotiations. Several analysts as well as political and military leaders are wary of the future. The increased and semi-permanent Cardassian presence now in the Delta Quadrant is also cause for alarm.

“I’m just worried about what’s going to happen one year from now.” Jane Anderson said, “sure they say we’re at peace now, but all it’ll take is one spark to set everyone off fighting again.”

The Federation News Service will be updating its viewers and readers on the Cardassian conflict and the peace accords as they develop.

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