Outpost Hope 1

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Hope 1 is the name designated by Starfleet and The Federation for the second Dyson Sphere found in the Milky way. The Federation Recognize the Democratic Jovhan Cooperative as the rightful inhabitants of the sphere, even though the Sphere haven't been fully explored yet.

Dyson Sphere 02 or Hope 1 was discovered in 2389 by the Federation vessel USS Andromeda, it was one of the first ships to pass through the newly discovered Geroch wormhole. The first major Federation installation in the sphere was Gor'Vosh station. It was later replaced by Sentinel Station after its destruction.

Sentinel Station is the main Starfleet base of operations in this sector, also attached to Sentinel is the USS Francis Drake, an Advanced Intrepid Class. The Federation Marine Corp also used to have a facility in the sphere, Camp Gor'Vosh, but it was forced to evacuate and be disabled after a power shift in the Jovhan government.


CO- Commander Selak
XO- Major Jonathan Matthews

Federation Liason:
Federation Liason Officer - Lieutnant Commander Turik

Chief Operations Officer - Lieutenant Ray Denniston
OPS Officer - Ensign Nimue Aline

Tactical Officer - Lieutenant (JG) John Harrison

Chief Security Officer - Ensign Devlin Trask

JAG Officer - Lieutenant (JG) Mariah Reynolds

Chief Engineer - Commander James McKechnie

Medical Officer - Ensign Harra
Councilor - Ensign Emma Parish
Councilor - Ensign Tauralik zh'Daeryn

Cardassian Ambassador: Kota Magar
Romulan Ambassador - Galae Riov t'Rehu
Federation Ambassador - Tissi Morgana
Assistant to Fed. Amb. - Peter Morell
Klingon Ambassador - General Kras
Kharian Leader - Tizar Gruber

Thasin Al'Rasgal
Owner, Syntax Enterprises - T'Para


USS Francis Drake

An Advanced Intrepid Class attached to Sentinel Station.

USS Hunter

An Advanced Neula Class, Heavy Marine Assault Ship, attached to the 21st Marine Expeditionary Force

Surface Facilities

Camp Gor'Vosh (Currently not Active)

Marine base located near the capital of the Democratic Jovhan Cooperative

Copernicus Station (Civlian Owned Base)

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