USS Olmsted NCC-73106

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Welcome aboard the USS Olmsted. Currently we are the newest of the Dutystations, authorized by the Borderlands Council on September 2, 2008. Though we were brought into exsistance to meet the needs of both our membership and our applicant base, My XO and I have a vision of creating a community on the internet unlike no other.

The USS Olmsted was named in honor of Major Andrew Olmsted, a long time member of the Borderlands and a brave soldier of the United States. He was killed in duty in Iraq on Feburary 2, 2007. We pay homage to his memory with this ship and ask that you take a moment to visit his memorial page to learn a bit more about this special individual we came to know as Andy.

As mentioned before, the USS Olmsted is a unique kind of vessel and a unique kind of Dutystation. Our mission is to support the diplomatic efforts of the Federation through cooperative efforts that allow other races and nations to have their say in equal measure with those that the Federation currently has access to.

The nature of the "Serenity Project" is to find common ground between all races. In light of the nature of the ship, the namesake, and the fact that we just liked the design, we decided the Akira Class made the perfect decision.

"A Soldier Always Searches for Peace." The implications are profound, and this has become the motto of the Olmsted. The original role of the Akiras were to serve as a battle platform. Having converted them into ships of peace only makes it a fitting tribute.

We look forward to having you aboard.


Michael J. Lockwood
Commanding Officer
USS Olmsted

Lisa Collins
Executive Officer
USS Olmsted

Ship Sections

Major Andrew Olmsted Memorial
Ship Specifications
Deck Layout

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