Tal Shiar Directive: Lambda Sixteen

Tal Shiar Directive: Lambda Sixteen:
To: All Rihannsu Commands and the Federation Embassy Hope One
Subjects: Sentinel Station
             Medical Quarantine, Thalaxian Space
Sentinel Station:
At this time the Romulan Embassy is closed onboard Sentinel Station.
The Station itself is deemed an off limits zones to all Rihannsu
personnel. The Embassy and its staff have moved to the newly
constructed Orion Station until further notice. The Ambassador
ensures us that all actions are being taken to remedy this situation
as quickly as possible. Information will be divulged on an as needed
bases by the Tal Shi'ar command of the Delta Quadrant.
Medical Quarantine:
Several Rihannsu citizens have contracted a rare and deadly strand of
the Lung Lock virus while transverse this section of the Delta
Quadrant. Also human slaves have contracted Typhoid fever in the same
region. Due to these reoccurring instances of these diseases, the Tal
Shi'ar, is placing the zone as a no fly zone. Any and all craft that
exit or enter the area will be stopped, all crew and passengers
scanned for traces of the two diseases. Those that test infected will
be transferred to medical facilities, those testing clean will be
allowed to continue. To help in reducing any delays in shipping or
travel from said zone, Angelina Sharapova, has agreed to lend the
vessels under her command at Bio-Gen Delta Quadrant to assist with
the scanning process.
We hope that in the consideration of mutual benefit that our
Federation and Cardassian Allies will honor this no fly zone until
the cause of the outbreaks can be determined.
Respectfully submitted
Galae RIov Vriha t'Rehu
Tal Shi'ar

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