Hope One May 08

Outpost Hope One Monthly Report - May

CO- Brig Gen John Henry Bearkiller - A/C
XO- Commander Rhairn Reyn - Petter
2nd Officer - Lt. Commander Kada Hrath - Joseph

Intelligence Officer - Lt. Danni Richards - Katrina

Chief of OPS - Open
OPS Officer - ENS Devlin Trask - Thorsten
OPS Officer - ENS Lance Elliot - Pete

Helmsman - ENS John Harrison - Liam

Chief of Security - Lt. Turik - Spike

JAG Officer - ENS Mariah Reynolds - Charlotte

Chief Engineer - Lt. Aaron Zografos - Jeremy
Engineer - Ensign Allen Bird - Justin (new player)

Chief Medical Officer- Open
Medical Officer - Dr. (Lt. j.g.) Scott Penhaligon - Clive (extended

Chief Counselor- Open

Chief Science Officer- Open

21st MEFMarine CO- Lt. Colonel Rebecca Smyth - Becky
Marine XO- Open
Marine Officer - 2nd Lt. Jack Donlan - Tim (AWOL)
Marine Officer - 2nd Lt. Xavier Kent (new player)

Marine Aerospace Fighter Squadron the Roughnecks
Squadron Commander- CAPT Jonathon Matthews - Andrew
Wing XO- Open
Marine Pilot - 2nd Lieutenant Jermaine Jackson - Jermaine

Cardassian Ambassador: Kota Magar - Anna-Marie
Romulan Ambassador: T'Rehu - Jade

Thasin AlíRasgal - Kevin
Angelina Sharapova - Jade

The crew finished repairing the damage to the sphere's Solar
Energy Transfer Beam and returned to their stations for some down-
time. The non-Federation merchants and ambassadors of Hope 1 have
been busy cooking up business deals and relationships, while the
Federation personnel welcomed the returning General Bearkiller after
his highly-secret mission. Plans have begun to circulate in the
Command Staff regarding building a ship to house and test the newly
discovered Builder Drive. Unfortunately, the peace has been marred
by a series of notably humorless practical jokes. The XO has begun
cracking down on this unprofessional conduct, but the jokes have
become more and more elaborate, many beginning to relate to high-
level maintenance and computer security systems. Moreover, Internal
Sensor evidence seems to show a high level of technical
sophistication at work. Many are beginning to wonder if these are in
fact simple pranks….

Posting is down again from last month, probably because of
Finals and Summer. Several key players have taken vacations as well,
decreasing our numbers.

May - 162
April - 216
March - 254

CO - A/C
XO - Petter
Rep - Joseph
Rep - Spike

Respectfully Submitted,Joseph - Hope 1 Player Representative

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